Why does Giovanni want Pikachu? and 9 other questions about him, answered

The Pokémon franchise is one of the most popular properties of all time. It has been amazing to see how charming video games have gradually become a series of anime, movies and all kinds of derivative material. The basic principles of the Pokémon series remain the same, but each new entry in the franchise advances the series with exciting changes.

There are many friendly characters and trainers in the Pokémon world, but Giovanni is a ruthless villain for the franchise. Giovanni’s threat is well known, but the details of the character remain a great mystery to many and are worthy of being dissected.

10 Why does he want Pikachu?

Ash and his Pikachu have to face many obstacles throughout the Pokémon anime. However, the biggest annoyance is that Giovanni and Team Rocket are constantly chasing Ash’s Pikachu. The only reason they are so fascinated with Pikachu is that Team Rocket has the impression that Pikachu is abnormally strong due to being overloaded with the bike in the second episode. Ash’s Pikachu is an anomaly when it comes to Pokémon, but this strength develops over time. Giovanni has been interested in his power from the beginning, which is why Jesse and James are still on Ash’s trail.

9 Is it an exclusive anime character?

The Pokémon series has expanded into many different areas, and while there is often an overlap between concepts and characters, this is not always the case. Giovanni’s interest in Ash’s Pikachu is largely anime series specific, but Giovanni is present in basically every Pokémon property. Giovanni’s debut in video games plays out a lot in the different manga series, and even continues to appear in more recent Pokémon titles, such as Pokémon GO. Giovanni remains an antagonist in all his appearances, but the character is used differently and even sympathetically in some series.

8 What is your role within Team Rocket?

Whenever Giovanni appears in Pokémon, it is usually in the context of Team Rocket. Giovanni is not only a member of the dangerous group, but he is the one in charge of operations. Giovanni confidently leads Team Rocket for a while and even has a headquarters in the Johto region.

Giovanni always wants to acquire more, and he has also been the leader of other dangerous factions, such as Team Rainbow Rocket from Alola and Team Go Rocket in Pokémon GO. He is the only villain in the series who commands several groups in this way.

7 How many Pokémon does he have?

As the leader of Team Rocket, Giovanni has access to many different Pokémon. However, only a select number is actually in his power and he will use it in battle. It depends on whether you consult anime, manga, or video games. Even so, in the main video game series, Giovanni has about 20 Pokémon, including a powerful Mewtwo in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon, which acts as his grand finale. The anime and manga show Giovanni with considerably fewer Pokémon, which are usually Nidoqueen, Rhyhorn, and Persian.

6 Why is his Persian so important to him?

Most of Giovanni’s shots feature a Persian in their group. In particular, the anime series makes Persian a constant companion who is by Giovanni’s side rather than keeping him in a Poké Ball. Persian is by no means Giovanni’s strongest Pokémon, but he prefers it because they have a great history together. In the Pokémon Adventures manga it is explained that Giovanni rescued his Persian when he was just a child and the two grew up together. Giovanni is usually a tough and ruthless character, but his Persian is a link to his humanity.

5 Are you a gym leader or part of the Pokémon League?

Pokémon characters can wear many hats, which means that villains are sometimes strangers or trusted members of the Pokémon community. Giovanni is the unscrupulous leader of Team Rocket, but he leads a kind of double life in which he is also the leader of the Viridiana City Gym and the person trainers have to go through to acquire the Earth Badge.

Giovanni’s Pokémon are all ground-type, and his preference for this type of Pokémon also reveals something else about his character. Once his ties to Team Rocket are revealed, a serious reckoning ensues.

4 What is your relationship to silver?

Pokémon can be enjoyed solely because of the battles or the look of the collection. However, there is also an intricate story that plays out in many titles and in the anime series. Silver, one of the protagonists of the Generation II titles, Pokémon Gold and Silver, is actually Giovanni’s son. It is a difficult cross to bear for Silver and creates a great tension between them. The Pokémon Generations anime delves further into their deteriorating relationship, explaining that Silver hasn’t seen Giovanni in several years and that things didn’t end on positive terms.

3 Why is he hiding?

Giovanni does an effective job as the leader of Team Rocket, but it’s only a matter of time before matters catch up with the group. The defeat of Giovanni and Team Rocket causes Giovanni to flee and hide, leading to the slow disbandment of Team Rocket. The Pokémon Generations anime explores this event in more detail and shows that the International Police are after Giovanni and want to stop him. They storm the Viridian City gym and put him on the run, setting off a chain of effects across Team Rocket.

2 Why are you involved in the Celadon Play Corner?

The Celadon Game Corner is one of the most creative aspects of the original Pokémon titles. The area brings some harmless gameplay to the Pokémon series, and while it’s a fun way to make money and Pokémon, it also has a sinister side where Team Rocket has rigged the place. Giovanni’s interest in Celadon Game Corner and owning these pillars of the community stems from the character being inspired by a Yakuza boss. This is localized to fit in with a mobster from outside Japan, but the shady deals still fit in.

1 How old are you?

Another aspect of the Pokémon universe that helps it remain so versatile and perennial is that it is packed with characters that span the entire age spectrum. Many of the protagonists lean toward a younger demographic, but the trainers, gym leaders, and villains display a great variety. Giovanni is a very mysterious character, and much of his life is kept secret, but it is known that the megalomaniac is 41 years old. This makes sense, especially considering that he has Silver as a son. That makes Giovanni’s tendency to get outdone by boys all the more depressing.