Why do cats and dogs run for no apparent reason?

According to José Arce, president of the American Association of Veterinary Medicine, it is one of the ways in which furry people have fun. These blasts of energy are called periods of frenzied random activity (FRAP) and are completely normal. In fact, this behavior is observed in many species of wild and domestic animals.

Although these energy blasts are completely random, some triggers are quite common. For example, when an owner lets his puppy out of the cage in which it was locked. So the dog could run around the house to release stored energy. In the same way, dogs often run from the excitement when they see their owners after a day of work, or after a bath to release their nerves.

As for cats, they are more likely to decide to run around at night or at dawn, since they are usually most active during those hours. They also tend to experience these attacks. after grooming or use the litter box. Similarly, when they receive wet food, some cats are so happy that they cannot avoid running from one side to the other down the hall or on the sofa.

On the other hand, felines tend to run less time than dogs. Also, some large breed dogs (such as German Shepherds) can have more energy blasts than small breed dogs. This is because they need to release energy more frequently, as José Arce says.