Arn Anderson explained in a recent interview why despite having the physique Vince McMahon likes, the company did not end up signing Hafthor Julius Bjornsson best known for his role in Game of Thrones as Robert Clegane.

Arn Anderson explains why WWE didn’t sign Game of Thrones Hafhtor

WWE is a company that always seeks to have the most outstanding talents in the world come from the world of sports or entertainment. This is the case of Hafhtor Julius Bjornsson the giant of 6’9 feet, about 2.06 cm. who participates and wins the events of the strongest man in the world.

WWE raised his signing before the world’s strongest man reached Game of Thrones, but was once seen by Fit Finaly and Arn Anderson ruled out his transfer to the company and Hafhtor became an actor.

Arn Anderson explained the reason for his non-signing by the company.

Yes of course. You guys know the big guys are what always got Vince’s attention. The sad thing is that the world’s Fit Finlays and guys like me understand how valuable a team like The Shield would be, they looked at a guy like that and left, he’s super strong, he’s super tall, he’s super big, but now we get to the part where it has to fall. Can you fall and get up again? Can it even fall?

Arn Anderson explained that when it comes to big men they are expected to be able to move like Kane or The Undertaker and this did not happen with the actor from Game of Thrones

It’s a double-edged sword for these guys that size because they are told every day of their lives, no matter what you do, work like a big guy, work like a big guy. Well that’s hard to understand if you’re not in this business. For me, working as a big guy is like Kane or Undertaker. It is super strong, super explosive, super powerful, but also super mobile. You move like an athlete and you fall and you get up like an athlete. Your offensive is explosive. It doesn’t mean you walk up and down like Godzilla.

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