Why didn’t Anthony Hopkins appear at the 2021 Oscars to accept his best actor award?

Many things went quite wrong at the last Oscars, but what took the cake was to deliver the jackpot of the night, the one for best film, before the awards for best actress and best actor. Although it is not something new (in the first galas of the Oscars it was done like that), this year the decision seemed to be prepared to close with a tribute to Chadwick Boseman, a clear favorite for the statuette for best actor. However, the academics ended up opting for Anthony Hopkins, who was not even present.

In fact, the protagonist of ‘El padre’ found out about his triumph the next day because he was already sleeping (literal, confirmed by your agent). “After a year of quarantine, and being twice vaccinated, he was finally able to return to Wales and at 83 years old it is a great relief after such a difficult year. But he loved his role in ‘The father’, is the interpretation of the one he’s proudest of, and being the oldest actor to win in that category means a lot to him, “his agent explained to People. Hopkins thanked the award the next day with a video showing off the Welsh countryside and dedicating it to Chadwick Boseman:

How is it that the producers of the gala did not foresee such a possibility? There are all kinds of rumors about what happened. There is information that ensures that Olivia Colman would be in charge of collecting the award on her behalf if she were to win, as happened, but Joaquin Phoenix, who was in charge of presenting the award, chose to say that the Academy accepted it on her behalf to finish with the ceremony as soon as possible (they had already passed enough of the hour that was supposed to end). The journalist Kyle Buchanan, however, assures that this is not true because Olivia Colman was only present at the gala in her category, best supporting actress, because she is shooting and was on time, and the Academy does not allow another actor collect an award on behalf of the winner except in cases such as a posthumous Oscar. Buchanan also claims that Hopkins offered to connect for Zoom but the producers denied it.. Much has been made of Zoom’s call ban at the Oscars, which garnered some criticism from many of the guests. But what does not make sense is that they sent television teams to be prepared in case other candidates who were not in Los Angeles won and did not send one to Wales for one of the favorites of one of the most followed categories, in addition to being the category who had decided to close the gala.

Finally the ceremony closed abruptly and inconspicuously, tarnishing the triumph of ‘Nomadland’ as best film. In an interview with Variety, Rob Mills from the ABC channel defended the change in the order of the awards: “Not only were the final categories, the whole gala was mixed. Script, which usually goes in the fifth or sixth act, one of the And better direction was soon too. I think the idea was, sometimes you watch the gala and you feel: ‘God, I’ve seen this every year.’ So they wanted the ‘wow, I don’t know what it’s going to be. come now. ” I wasn’t going to end up with someone who wasn’t there. It was a calculated risk, and I think it worked anyway because everyone talked about it. Likewise, no one wants the wrong envelope to happen and it ended up happening three years ago but everybody talked about it. I think some people thought they might have missed some awards. ‘Why is better picture going so soon?’ or ‘What’s going on? This is crazy’, almost like ‘How can this be happening? Best movie has to close!’ Some people got angry, others loved him and that was the idea, that there was no apathy“He also believes that this shows that the producers do not know the award winners before the ceremony,” but imagine that they do and still continue to do so. That would have been very brave. “

The Bosemans defend Anthony Hopkins

The choice of Anthony Hopkins over Chadwick Boseman drew quite a few complaints from the public, but the family of the ‘Mother of the Blues’ actor has come out in defense of Hopkins. Derrick Boseman, Chadwick’s brother, recently told TMZ that they don’t consider Hopkins’s choice a mistake and the family is not saddened by the Academy’s choice. He assures that his brother would not have become obsessed with the awards race, which he considered “a campaign”, and believes that for Chadwick Boseman the Oscar would have been “a recognition, but never an obsession”. He also wishes Hopkins the best, “I’m sure he would have done it if Chad had won.”