Why did you decide to participate in ‘Mask Singer’? Monica Carrillo responds

Monica Carrillo had already shown on many occasions that she is a highly versatile professional. But what no one had ever imagined was being able to enjoy a musical performance by the news anchor singing an ambitious Adele theme, much less disguised as a Ladybug! Something that left viewers with their mouths open last Wednesday at the third Mask Singer gala, in which the identity of Norma Duval was also discovered. Only Javier Calvo was able to find out that it was the journalist who was under the mask. Now, it has been Mónica Carillo herself who has finally been able to reveal all the mysteries of her time on the television show, such as what prompted her to participate and if she was able to keep the secret from Matías Prats. – Mónica Carrillo recalls with nostalgia her first appearance on television SEE GALLERIES Surprisingly, Mónica Carrillo has confessed that when she was asked to participate in Mask Singer, she initially refused, since "I had never sung in public, and in private very little"he explained. In fact, he has said on occasion that he has never even gone to karaoke. But, later the idea of ​​his time in the contest was rethought and, after much thought, finally he said yes for absolutely personal reasons: "I gave it a spin, they argued it very well and in the end I used it to break down mental walls"The journalist has defined her time at Mask Singer as a very fun experience, but she has also spoken openly about the less friendly face of participating, more difficult than it may seem to viewers. "On a physical level it is extremely complicated, I imagine that the contestants will already say it that week after week they undergo this because it is that you do not see. The huge head, the mask makes you see very little and you spend a lot of heat"Monica used to tell Arturo Valls. An experience that, he explained, goes far beyond what is seen in front of the cameras: "The back room is also very funny. Nobody knows where you are, the driver does not know who is behind you, you cannot talk to anyone …", she recounted excitedly. – From Ryan Reynolds to Bella Thorne: 10 international stars who have surprised in ‘Mask Singer’ Could Mónica Carillo keep the secret from Matías Prats? Mónica Carrillo herself had to give the news of the premiere of Mask Singer, as well as the enormous success that the contest is experiencing in our country. She herself admits that she has kept the secret but that she was willing to comment on it. In fact, the presenter explained that seeing a promotion of the program with Matías Prats, he told her: "To see if you dare", oblivious to any suspicion. "Are you aware of the jokes that Matías is going to make with you?"Dani Mateo joked with Mónica Carrillo during an interview in Zapaendo. SEE GALLERY But not only her partner has been an obstacle to keeping her passage through the Antena 3 space hidden. Monica explained that, since the premiere, there have been many people who have told her about the program, whether or not they had seen it it was their bets. Comments that he says he always dodged talking about the success of Mask Singer in other countries. – Albert Rivera plays misleading with Malú: will he be a ‘Mask Singer’? What does Mónica Carrillo think of the other names that the investigators considered? There were many names that were considered as a guest under the mask of Mariquita, all under two tracks: communication and journalism. The researchers’ stakes were so varied that Javier Ambrossi even raised the possibility that it was Queen Letizia who was hiding under disguise, rescuing her past in the television news. Ana Pastor, Julia Otero or Susanna Griso, were others of the journalists who appeared as a possible option. On the latter, one of Malú’s intuitions, Mónica Carrillo commented between laughter: "Susanna Griso takes three heads off me, it would have been impossible to be her". Without a doubt, a change of microphone that Mónica Carrillo will never forget. – They don’t miss one! Roberto Leal and Eva González discover Norma Duval in ‘Mask Singer’ – On the other side of TV: the funniest comments about ‘Mask Singer’