With a fourth installment on the way, this Netflix universe still has a lot to offer fans and an explanation as simple as why the Demogorgon chose Will and not to another member of the club, it could be of vital importance to understand the future of ‘Stranger Things’, more now that this creature is in the hands of the Russians, and only when it is released can we know what they plan to do with such power.

In the first season, Will has the misfortune to go home after spending time with his friends, but on the way he realizes that something is following him, he tries to give his all to be left alone, but disappears in one second. Throughout the chapters we realize that manages to survive a week and escapes, to then face the Mind Flayer in the second and third seasons.

Fans have been able to figure out why the Demogorgon chose Willy that is achieved by understanding all the movements of that character, which have not been constant throughout the episodes. We must start by saying that Will’s case is quite exceptional, remember Barb’s case for example, Nancy deduced that blood attracts the character, which is confirmed when she and Jonathan cut their hands and successfully make him appear, also at school when Dr. Brenner and his team end up in a pool of blood, but the young man Byers is different, when he meets the creature he doesn’t get hurt.

Fans believe that falling off the bike may have hurt him and this caused the Demogorgon to chase him, but before that he was perfectly healthy. So if it’s not the blood that drives you crazy, it’s the place. The creature may go against people near the gate to the Upside Down. This is clearer to understand by remembering the first victim who is a scientist from Hawkins’ lab, who gets enough attention to devour him.

That is to say, the noise alerts him much more than the smell of blood, even Barb was tapping his feet in the pool when the creature appears. The noise Will makes when he meets the creature could be far more important to chasing after him than an injury. Yet another theory dictates that Eleven would be the key, the Demogorgon appears just when she uses the powers and in fact she had just been in the forest when she meets Will, perhaps it is a mixture of the three or one of them is indicated, which we will only know in the fourth or the following seasons.


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