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Mistery King, a fighter of Mexican origin, was returning to his best level and was preparing to participate in WrestleMania 36, However the Master of 619 explained the reasons that kept him away from the maximum event of the WWE.

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I couldn’t travel to Orlando for Wrestlemania because on saturday morning I started to feel a little cold. Had no symptoms of coronavirus, I didn’t have a headache, my throat was fine and my temperature was perfect, but I had symptoms of a cold ”, he pointed out.

Although could not be present on the maximum stage, the esthete stated that this time confined to his home suited him well, well you can live with your loved ones, a situation that he does not enjoy many opportunities for his constant trips.

“Our routine involves traveling too much, so These weeks have fallen to me wonderfully, power live a little more with my children, with my wife and being at home, which is what we never do, “he concluded.

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