Why did Megan is Missing go viral on the social network? What is the real story?

On TikTok, users have just rediscovered a film that seems to be leaving them with trauma, here we tell you what we know.

TikTok seems to have now managed to bring a movie back to life and without price notice, a film that many classify as disturbing and that more and more people are watching thanks to the trend it has become. We are talking about Megan is Missing.

What is Megan is Missing?

As we saw it just now, Megan is Missing is a movie, this one was released in 2011 and since then she has scared and mentally scarred everyone who has seen her. And it’s not like she was very popular then, because basically she was never talked about until now.

The problem is that this film contains strong images of extreme violence of all possible natures, well, As it is a kidnapping of a minor in Hollywood, you know that something will not turn out right.

Thanks to the fact that different users began to see the trend of this film on TikTok, there are already several people who have been encouraged to see the film, only to end up so scared that some have even closed their social networks. This by the very nature of the film, Well, the whole problem starts because Megan, the girl who gets lost, starts a friendship with a stranger on the Internet.

Faced with all the craziness on social networks, the director of the film himself, Michael Goi, decided to speak about it and give recommendations on the way the film should be viewed, saying not to see it alone and not to see it at night. Further, warns of high content of violence that could be sensitive to some.

So that’s the story, it all started thanks to a small group of people talking about it and now it went viral because it is showing terrible things to a whole generation that is not used to movies of such a terrible nature.