Could this be the end of the affair around the legacy of Johnny Hallyday? What is certain is that the recent decision taken by his son, David Hallyday will change a lot of things!

Since the end of 2017, we have only talked about this in the celebrity press: the case of the legacy of our national rocker, Johnny Hallyday. Since the artist’s death, his late wife and first two children have been tearing each other apart over the will. Indeed, Laura Smet and David Hallyday have learned, with amazement, that they will receive nothing from their father.

This announcement was a real shock which gave rise to an interminable judicial soap opera … But in recent weeks, the situation seems to have improved significantly. Laeticia Hallyday said “a final agreement” had been found. Laura Smet would have received a check for 2.6 million euros. For his part, David Hallyday has renounced any succession.

Why David Hallyday will not receive his share of the inheritance

It was the singer’s lawyer who officially announced it to the newspaper Le Figaro:

The goal of protecting his three sisters has been achieved and we rejoice in this. David does not receive anything, whether patrimonial or financially, and he does not ask for anything. He did not receive any symbolic objects.

And this one to add:

Now the page is turned and David looks to the future with a return of serenity.

David Hallyday therefore did the choice to protect his three sisters, Laura Smet, Joy and Jade by renouncing his heritage. A carefully considered decision which will allow him to “devote himself completely to his family, his passion for music, his future projects and two causes which have been dear to him for a long time: animal protection and environmental protection”, specifies the lawyer of the artist.

A conflict not really resolved …

If the end of the legal battle finally seems to be arriving, in terms of family tensions, they are still just as sharp. Indeed, Laura Smet said that even if an agreement had been found, “there will never be peace possible”. The message has passed! The future mother is clearly not ready to celebrate her reunion with her ex-mother-in-law. But above all, according to his lawyer, it would even be ready to bring a new legal action. The cause ? Well according to Laura Smet, Laeticia Hallyday broke the confidentiality agreement by revealing certain details of their agreement. It is the journalist of M6, François Vignolle, who shed light on this new case:

Laura’s lawyers were ‘scandalized’ by Laeticia’s interview in Paris Match. They blame Johnny’s wife for not respecting the confidentiality clauses surrounding the inheritance agreement. They are considering legal action.

It is therefore very clear, the hatchet is clearly not buried between Laeticia Hallyday and Laura Smet! For his part, David Hallyday, by renouncing the legacy, clearly seems to want to distance himself from this whole story. For the singer, this bad page definitely seems well turned …