Why could the Marvel series be a danger to the television world? – Tomatazos

In recent years it has become clear that it is difficult to see the Marvel Cinematic Universe lose. Despite the closures of movie theaters worldwide, Marvel He was able to get ahead and please his fans thanks to the series he premieres on the already established service of Disney +. Although initially the idea of ​​making episodes and not new tapes was met with some skepticism among fans and specialists alike, the result of WandaVision – 95% and Falcon and the Winter Soldier – 97% showed that these titles are supportive and not filler. In addition, it is a good way to give these characters space to develop within the same universe and catch up for the next cinematic phase.

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The MCU has had its ups and downs, and although it has always remained successful, the truth is that a lot had to happen to reach those results. With so many titles, some may not remember a world where Marvel was not associated with Disney, but that’s how this universe began with Iron Man – The Iron Man – 93%. The Tony Stark film was really a very daring risk for that context. On the one hand, comic book movies had already tired audiences, and on the other side it had as its protagonist a Robert Downey Jr. wanting to leave his worst years behind and an inexperienced director named Jon Favreau.

The success and expectations that have been created since then serve to attract big names, but things have not always turned out in a positive way. The MCU is finally the result of many acts of trial and error, and now that they are conquering the world of series this same system can make them collapse. Variety published an article called “Marvel Studios´ Disney Plus Shows Don´t Use Showrunners, and That Has Some TV Writers Worried” where it is explained how the management that the brand has with its series can create a big problem for other projects. What is this huge difference that could turn against you? In the fact that the series of Marvel they do not have showrunners.

The position of showrunner involves work as producer and as head of scriptwriters, which usually goes to the creator of the series himself. Of course, in many cases the creator eventually retires or only gets involved with the original idea and the showrunner title goes to someone else. In the end, we are talking about the figure responsible for the project and who maintains the order of the story that will unfold over a few episodes or many seasons. The series of Marvel They changed the system and appoint only one chief writer, with the possibility of having a single director or several. Although this may seem unimportant, what it really means is that the brand has much more control over the projects and over the end result.

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A showrunner is also a producer and that means they have decision-making power; however, a chief writer is a guide for the other scriptwriters, so that they know how to carry the story as someone else wants it. Disney removes any possibility of decision, being they who manage the total development. The article explains that this decision is a reflection of what happened during the first phase of the MCU. When movies started to catch on, the obvious choice to build a stronger reputation was to seek out directors with great careers and many awards, like Kenneth Branagh in Thor – 77%. The point is that directors of this caliber do not allow themselves to be manipulated so easily, and when they see that the producers and the brand alter their work at their convenience, they prefer not to return or we end up with an unbalanced film.

The solution that was found was to access promising but not so famous directors who wanted to launch their careers, such as James Gunn, Peyton Reed or Ryan Coogler. On the one hand, these directors would seize the great opportunity to run a multi-million dollar franchise, while Marvel Y Disney They would have an easier time manipulating them and thus deliver exactly what they expect; After all, these young people would be so grateful that they would not risk their big opportunity. The plan continues to be a success for his tapes, but for television series it implies a possible loss of quality from the scriptwriters.

In the case of series, it is clear that a writer without much experience accepts without hesitation an opportunity to work in Marvel, but for other writers who have already worked as showrunners the risk is losing control over their project. For a long time it was fought so that films and series were not dominated by the whims of the producers, but that they were not forgotten that independent titles unfortunately always face. The possible disappearance of the showrruner figure caused by Disney It could take us back to a time when there were no original proposals, but there were many mediocre and repetitive scripts, in a world of work even more closed than it is today.

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