Did you know that the visual agreement represents 93 percent of human communication?

Full-color magazine ads are recognized 26 percent more than blank and business ads do.

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Marketing has undoubtedly managed to change due to the passage of time and the arrival of new channels for its development. In this regard, a point in which we can currently agree due to these advances is that today no campaign can forget the visual content section. To confirm it, in this post we highlight some interesting data.

According to HubSpot, here are some of the top reasons why visual content can no longer be skipped in the development of marketing campaigns for brands:

Visual content helps capture audience attention

Regarding this first point, all the statistics that show respect for the consumption of video formats on the different social platforms stand out as a sample. For example, 500 hours of content is uploaded every minute to YouTube; On the other hand, the average engagement rate in spaces like Facebook is 6.13 percent for posts that include videos.

Visual content is processed faster by the brain

According to the source, in a tenth of a second the brain can understand an image, while when only texts are used, reading between 200 and 250 words can take an average of one minute.

This means that images can have a better impact on audiences, which can be faster.

The visual agreement represents 93 percent of human communication.

Regarding this point, various data that support the statement also stand out. For example, in addition to 93 percent of all communication being nonverbal, 70 percent of the body’s sensory receptors are in the eyes.

Also, as shared by the source, 40 percent of the cerebral cortex is involved with the visual processing of information to make sense of what it is seeing. In essence, we are biologically prepared for visual content.

Visual content generates more visits for posts

In relation to this fourth aspect, the benefits of visual materials stand out with respect to the fact that articles with images obtain 94 percent more total views, while elements such as a press release, which contains videos, can attract 55.4 per hundred more views.

Content is easier to understand

As a penultimate point in favor, 95 percent of video marketing professionals point out that the format has helped them increase users’ understanding of their products or services.

The foregoing occurs while highlighting that viewers retain 95 percent of a message when they consume it on video, while when they do it through a simple text, retention barely reaches 10 percent.

Content of this type influences human emotions

Finally, he stresses that content based on visual materials can be of great help in campaigns since elements such as color can represent 85 percent of the reasons why a consumer purchases a specific product. While full-color magazine ads are recognized 26 percent more than blank and business ads do.