Does a 100 euro phone really do the same thing as a 1,000 euro one? Obviously not, but honestly you don’t need to spend all that money to have an outstanding quality smartphone, since luckily in the market we have many brands that make really interesting terminals at fairly contained prices.

Because we cannot deny it. The price of smartphones is getting higher. What if 5G, 12 GB of RAM memory … there are many excuses that the companies offer us to place their higher-end phones at a price of more than 1,000 euros. Let no one doubt it, in a couple of years we will see phones of more than 2,000 euros. Hence, today we are going to give you three good reasons to bet on a mid-range as the main devices.

Specifications and performance

When you want to buy a top-of-the-range phone, it is undoubtedly because they have the best features or because they have the best photographic section. Now, do you need a mobile device with 12 GB of RAM? Are processors with so many cores required? Is it worth spending more than 1,000 euros on a Samsung Galaxy S20 instead of half for a Samsung Galaxy S10?

Based on the fact that each one does what he wants with his money, the truth is that most users are served by a current mid-range. The performance of these terminals today is splendid and there is still no Android application or game that requires a lot of power, and unless in the near future – which we doubt – mobile games will rival those of PS4, the Most phones between 350 and 600 euros are sufficient, and even for much less.


A short time ago, having a mid-range phone meant plastic and not-so-pretty designs, while the high-end featured premium materials and sleek designs. This luckily seems to have changed and is that today even the low end has really beautiful and well built phones.

Obviously the construction materials will not be the same as those of an expensive phone, but you only have to see some brands such as Samsung, whose successful Galaxy A line has some designs that really attract attention. And honestly, they are not the only ones. Huawei, Xiaomi, Realme … There are more than a few companies that are increasingly betting on smart phones for all budgets. And we are glad.


And finally obviously the price. The truth is that not everyone can afford to spend so much money on a mobile phone and we will be honest, except for some aspects such as the photographic section, the difference in performance between a good mid-range and a high-end isn’t that great either. Then we have unique cases such as the Pixel 3a, which for less than 400 euros takes better photos than a high-end, but these are exceptions …

On the other hand renewing a mid-range phone is less painful than doing it with a high-end And that is something to keep in mind for all those who like to release a new phone every so often.

In short, I am not advising against buying high-end phones, more would be missing. As I said before everyone does what they want with their money and if you can afford to buy an expensive phone, go ahead with it. I just want to show that on Android there are a multitude of options when purchasing a phone and that the mid-range Android has nothing to do with that of a few years ago, for the good of the consumer.

And you, what opinion do you have of the current mid-range Android?

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