Why Bernie Sanders’ Budget Bill Could Favor Immigration Reform

Senator Bernie Sanders’ budget plan opens the door to immigration reform.

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The senator Bernie sanders (Vermont), chairman of the Senate Budget Committee, released an initial draft on the budget for the president’s government Joe biden, where he mentions various aspects related to immigration matters, including the legalization of undocumented persons.

Due to this, civil organizations, such as the Coalition for the Rights of Human Immigrants (CHIRLA), have highlighted the importance of taking advantage of the moment that Democrats have in the Senate to apply the Reconciliation process, a strategy that was advanced by the representative Raul Ruiz (California), president of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus.

Senator Bernie Sanders’ budget has included funds for legalization programs (of the undocumented)“, Highlighted CHIRLA. “Although it is not a final product, the initiative indicates that some members in the Senate are serious about immigration reform.”

The organization highlights the “#Wareessential Fast Fast for Freedom” movement in Washington, DC, a hunger strike by ‘dreamers’, TPS carriers and other immigrants lobbying for immigration reform, including the road to citizenship of 11 million undocumented, as proposed by President Biden’s original project.

“We applaud President Sanders’ initiative to let the White House know that some in the Senate are serious about moving immigration reform forward,” he noted. Angelica Salas, executive director of CHIRLA. “Taking this kind of initiative is important, because it shows that Democrats are willing to use all available tools to bring justice to immigrant families.”

More and more high-ranking Democrats join that plan and express it publicly, as happened with the representative Joaquin Castro (Texas).

On June 14, a report indicated that If a comprehensive immigration reform is approved, it would increase the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) by up to $ 1.7 trillion dollars over the next decade..

In addition, it would help increase the wages of all Americans and create hundreds of thousands of new jobs, according to the report by the Center for American Progress (CAP) in collaboration with the Center for Global Migration at the University of California, Davis (UC Davis) .

The 51-vote plan

Sanders’ budget document is not the end, but Roll Call detailed some of the content, including immigration arguments, citing a 2005 precedent of provisions passed by the Senate to similarly increase the number of immigrant visas for economic reasons.

Given the proven obstructionism of the Republicans, confirmed with the rejection of the electoral reform, the Democrats have few options with a limited majority and a single opportunity to approve the immigration reform, as ruled by the parliamentarian, Elizabeth macdonough.

Thus, the Majority Leader in the Senate, Chuck schumer (New York), can guide the application of the process to approve a budget plan of President Biden that includes immigration reform, without having to convince 10 Republicans.

Senator Sanders confirmed Tuesday that a path to citizenship would be included, but said that Democrats are still determining who would be the migrants to protect, since there are four bills in Congress, two already approved in the House of Representatives that protect ‘dreamers’ and carriers of TPS and that of agricultural workers.

Support on the rise

More and more Democrats are open to including immigration reform in the Reconciliation process, including the senator Bob Menendez (New Jersey), who recognized that a bipartisan plan is the best option, but options will not be left aside.

“We prefer a bipartisan agreement, even if it is not all that we would like to see,” he said. “But in the absence of doing that, those of us who believe in immigration reform feel that we have to at least pursue this option and see if it is viable.”

It is striking that even the senator Joe Manchin (West Virginia), who has served as a counterweight in the balance of Democratic projects in the Senate, agrees with the inclusion of funds in “human infrastructure,” according to NBC News.

The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy pelosi (California), also confirmed that it is feasible to apply the Reconciliation rule, as was done with the American Rescue Plan.

“We believe that we can argue about the budgetary impacts of immigration in our country and we are going to try to do so,” he told his colleagues in a telephone meeting revealed by Roll Call.

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