Why and how to keep your windshield in good condition in summer

The windows of our car they are vitally important elements while driving, and unfortunately they are not always given the necessary attention. In summer we must take it even more into consideration. You know why? How can we keep them in good condition? It is easier than you think.

Keep in mind that the car’s windows, especially the front window, are what allow us to see everything that happens on the road. Therefore, on these dates where temperatures are extreme, there is a lot of dust and insects multiply, we must pay more attention to the windshield. By following these tips you will significantly improve security.

Breaks and scratches in the windshield

You already know that any glass can be broken or damaged by extreme temperatures, as well as by sudden changes in temperature. For example, we leave the car parked on the street for many hours and when we get in the first thing we do is activate the air conditioning.

A little chinazo unimportant can be complicated by such a sudden change in temperature. That is why it is important to repair those simple “wounds” on the windshield as soon as possible. Another tip for these situations is not to activate the air conditioning at maximum performance at the beginning and also avoid directing the ventilation to the rear window.

Periodically check the condition of the brushes

With the heat and dryness wiper blades deteriorate considerably. Checking their condition does not take more than a minute, because by their visual aspect we can see if they are in good condition or if it is necessary to replace them.

Nail worn brushes They do not clean the rear window well when the rain appears, and that is a serious problem in these conditions. In addition, they also scratch the glass little by little, which does not exactly benefit us in the long term. In short, we will lose a lot of visibility.

Are you sure you have enough windshield washer fluid?

Summer car windshield

Surely it has happened to you on some occasion. Dust in the car and rain, you turn on the windshield wiper, the glass gets even more dirty, you activate windshield washer fluid and … surprise, it doesn’t work. You find yourself driving in the rain and with poor visibility.

This is why it is important check periodically the windshield washer fluid and fill it with a specific product. In addition, do not stay only in filling it, it is also highly advisable to test that it works correctly, since the small electric bomb responsible for bringing the liquid to the glass can also break down.

Another tip is to do not activate the windshield washer fluid when we face the sunespecially if the moon is dirty. We will be without visibility for a few seconds, something very dangerous especially at high speed. Better to take advantage of a rest stop to clean it while standing and thus not get scared.

Remove bugs and droppings from the windshield

You know that in summer mosquitoes and other insects They seem to want to take over the front of our cars. Beyond the bad appearance of the vehicle, visibility is significantly reduced. Therefore, we must wash it frequently, since the longer they spend stamped on the windshield, the more difficult it will be to remove them.

I recommend that you visit this other article where we explain in depth how to properly clean the car windows.

We can take advantage of any rest stop to give a hose to the moon, since if we try to remove it with the windshield wiper the result will be even worse, spreading the bugs (or what is left of them) all over the glass and blurring it.

Dust and moisture

Clean car windshield

On the other hand, when we go to beach areas there is always a lot dust, grit and moisture. Undoubtedly a bad combination to keep the car clean, logically also affecting the windows.

If we are indoors, we may not be too used to it. That is why it is more than important wash the car before starting the trip (or at least the crystals), as soon as possible, as visibility is greatly impaired. The same happens with bird droppings, better remove them as soon as possible.

In addition, when we wear dirty glasses, we strain our eyes more and the stress level rises, with fatigue appearing earlier.

And the rain that turns to mud

As we said above, in summer and especially in coastal areas, there is much more dust in the environment. Therefore, if a downpour falls, a mixture that becomes a slight mud will be made. Obviously, this smear also sticks to the crystals, making it difficult to see.

As in the previous case, if we activate the windshield wiper we will extend it more throughout the glass, so it is advisable to give a hose of pressurized water to remove it safely and completely.

Source – Carglass

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