Who’s who in the lies

The great masses will succumb more easily

to a big lie than to a small one.

Adolf hitler

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced that one day a week there will be a “who’s who in the lies”, where the false news that is disseminated in the media will be exhibited.

This is one more of the occurrences of Andrés Manuel, who after the elections realized that Q4 makes water everywhere: it lost millions of voters, its programs are a fraud and in Morena there is great anarchy and, just as it tried to distract his followers with the sale of the plane, with letters to Spain or the United States, with raffles for the seized assets, and with the creation of Disneytitlán on the grounds of the Texcoco airport, he now reported that every week he will read a list of ” who is who in the lies ”, with which he surely bit his tongue, because the first liar is him.

Both morning listeners and analyst experts, such as Spin and other analyst and political communication companies, have documented with hair and signs the daily lies of Andrés Manuel, who surpassed Donald Trump, because until this month he has almost 58 thousand lies or unverifiable data.


His biggest lie is “I have other data”, which denies the complaints of those who publish their errors and prevents these “other data” from being known; It is unfortunate that the nation’s chief executive ignores and disregards the analyzes of organizations such as the National Institute for Access to Information (Inai), Superior Audit of the Federation (ASF), National Institute of Statistics and Geography (Inegi) and research and complaints from Mexicanos Primero, Mexicanos Unidos contra la Corrupción y la Impunidad, México Evalúa, from writers and columnists, closing their eyes and ears while again and again and trying to deceive Mexicans

He lies when talking about the economy, he lies when he affirms that “we are doing well”, when we know that Mexico fell to levels of 40 years ago; He lies when talking about unemployment, he lies when talking about inflation and the Sembrando Vida disaster, he lies when he boasts of his pharaonic projects and his energy policies that send Mexico to the 19th century, and he lies when he denies the failure and unpayable debt of Pemex and the sorry state of the CFE.

He is an irremediable liar, both national and foreign experts have described as failure the handling of the covid pandemic and the disaster that is the current Ministry of Health, which left millions of Mexicans without care and medicines, but he lies by offering that we will live as in Denmark and that “on Monday” there will be anticancer drugs.

He lies by baselessly accusing those who criticize him, he lies by denying the rampant corruption within his family and his collaborators, he lies by ignoring that every 15 minutes a Mexican is murdered, more than 88 thousand so far this six-year term , and he lies by denying and hiding the presence of the drug traffickers who every day cause death and desolation in much of the national territory, drug traffickers whom he has openly overlapped and protected time and time again.

Andrés Manuel lives in and of lies, he uses repeated lies every morning to divide the country, he seeks that hatred and anger take hold of Mexicans, he is a downright liar, but on June 6 a space was opened for him to a change, albeit limited, in national policy, because the second part of this six-year term will be different.

Those of us who love Mexico have a lot to do, reconcile, join forces and overcome differences, to make the lie stop reigning in the country. Not only the political parties, but all of us must participate in this crusade for national reconciliation, not only denouncing the morning lies, but also creating the conditions so that in these three years we can recover some of what was lost.

Who is who in the lies? undoubtedly Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

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