Whoopi Goldberg seeks to be America’s first ‘Doctor Who’

Photo: Whoopi Goldberg seeks to be the first American ‘Doctor Who’ / .

The actress, Whoopi goldberg has expressed a desire to play the leading role in ‘Doctor Who’ after Jodie whittaker, to become the first American person to do it and the second woman to do it.

The role of the doctor is perhaps one of the most iconic in the television industry, having been played by many actors in history, being mainly British white men, however, the show took a turn in the previous years introducing to the first woman in the role, being Jodie whittaker the one in charge of doing it.

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In a recent interview, Whoopi goldberg revealed her desire to play the leading role of ‘Doctor Who’ after it became known that Jodie Whittaker could leave the show after the end of the next season, “I was very lucky to talk to Tom baker about it, he is the doctor I know best ”.

« For me, Tom baker it was the best Doctor. Of course, the young Doctors were good, but when it comes to the old ones, it was always Tom Baker for me. I wanted to be the first Doctor, but they already have one. So I said, “I love the idea of ​​a ‘Doctor Who’ American. I’m still trying to do it, « he added Goldberg.

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Now we will only have to wait if the rumors about Whittaker leaving the show become reality and then we will have a new or new ‘Doctor Who’.