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Schwarzenegger: « Whoever makes facemasks a political conflict is an asshole »

The United States has been the country most affected by the coronavirus pandemic for months and the figures do not lie. In this nation, a total of 2 million 218 thousand 457 infections have been counted until this Friday, as well as the unfortunate number of 119 thousand86 deaths. For this reason, the state of maximum alert is maintained in much of the country.

The California Department of Health decreed that all its inhabitants must wear masks when leaving the house and when they are in rows or public spaces, in order to counteract the spread of this virus. The move was praised by former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, adding that whoever turns it into a political conflict is a « jerk. »

« This is 100% the right move (…) This will help us beat this terrible virus. The science is unanimous: if we all wear masks, we slow down the spread and we can safely reopen. It is not a political problem. Anyone who does it become a political problem is an absolute jerk who can’t read « , expressed in his Twitter account.

California’s numbers before COVID-19

The most recent reports as of this Friday, June 19, indicate that California has registered just over 167,000 positive cases for coronavirus, as well as more than 5,000 deaths. California Governor Gavin Newsom stressed the importance of wearing face masks, assuring that « science shows that face covers and masks do work. »