Who would win in a match between Rambo and the T-800? The new MK11 trailer responds

By Sebastian Quiroz 0 COMMENTS 11/16/2020 10:30 am


The next November 17 will arrive Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate Edition to the market. One of the most interesting points in this pack are the three new characters, among which Rambo stands out. Now, thanks to a brutal new trailer for the game, We already know who would win in a battle between Sylvester Stallone’s character and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s T-800.

The trailer lets us see a little more of the movements that Rambo has at his disposal, as well as the brutal fatality that Stallone’s character has ready for all his opponents. Now, the answer you are looking for is below:

We remind you that MK11 Ultimate Edition, as well as the second Kombat Pass, will be available tomorrow, November 17. Besides Rambo, This additional content offers us Mileena and Rain. Similarly, this new version will also be available on PS5 and Xbox Series X | S.

In related topics, here you can check out another Rambo gameplay in MK11. Similarly, the Mortal Kombat movie has been delayed indefinitely.


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