Many wonder,who will be the second base holder of Dom Rep in the classic world?

The Dominican reporter, Héctor Gómez, published a tweet that has achieved much controversy at the Dominican level, since many players are defined to know their positions in the world Classic, but there is still one that has no owner.

Gomez mentioned some good candidates, both as veterans and newbies:

Hanser Alberto, Jonathan Villar, Starlin Castro and Jean Segura who go with everything to be headlines in this great event in which they will represent their country.

Among all these names, there are two names that stand out that are Jonathan Villar and Hanser Alberto who comes from having a beautiful season in the MLB.

Villar: 272 avg, 24 home runs, 40 stolen bases, 111 runs scored and 176 hits.

Segura: 280 prom, 12 home runs, 161 hits, 60 RBIs and 79 runs scored.

Alberto: 305 avg, 160 hits, 12 homers, 51 RBIs and a great defense.

Castro: 270 prom, 22 home runs, 172 hits and 86 RBIs

We remind you that Villar and Segura have already dressed in the uniform of their country and that the youngest of all these boys is 27 years old, who is Hanser Alberto.

They can cite names of other candidates, such as Jonathan Villar, Jean Segura, Starlin Castro, Hanser Alberto, among others.

– Héctor Gómez (@ hgomez27) March 24, 2020

Which of these guys would you stay with?