Who will be the new host of “Enamorándonos”?

. Ana Patricia Gámez and Rafael Araneda were the hosts of “Enamorándonos” during the last seasons.

A few hours after the departure of Ana Patricia Gámez from the show “Enamorándonos”, the television network UniMás would already have a new presenter to replace the Mexican star.

Gámez says goodbye to the television industry for an indefinite period of time to focus on her role as a mother, as reported in mid-April in a special broadcast of the UniMás production.

According to information exclusively reviewed by the La Opinion website, Karina Banda will host the new season of the reality show that breaks audience records.

Banda, known for its participation in Univision’s “El Gordo y la Flaca”, will accompany the Chilean Rafael Araneda in the hosting of the UniMás dating show.

So far, UniMás has not issued a press release to publicize Karina Banda’s participation in the new season of “Enamorándonos”. However, La Opinion specified that the Mexican star would have convinced the Spanish-speaking audience in a recent special participation he made on the show.

“She should be the one who replaces Ana, she does it very well”, “She is the ideal one to be Ana’s replacement”, “I hope Karina stays in Ana’s place”, were some of the reactions of the users in the official account of ‘Falling in love’ on the Instagram platform.

Why does Ana Patricia Gámez leave the UniMás show “Enamorándonos”?

In mid-April, Ana Patricia Gámez unexpectedly announced her departure from the UniMás show “Enamorándonos”. At that time, Gámez pointed out that his decision was related to his desire to be more present in the growth stage of his children.

“As a mother, I have decided to take a break in my professional career to dedicate myself to being a mother 24/7 because my children’s childhood is going to advance, they are going to grow up and I want to be with them in those moments,” said Gámez after announcing the news.

The talented Mexican will say goodbye this Friday, June 11, to all the viewers who are currently tuning in to the most recent season of “Enamorándonos”.

Karina Banda: Her beginnings in the media

Karina Banda began her career in the media at the age of 13 as the host of a radio show in the city of Monterrey in Mexico, according to information published by Univision.

Banda studied Social Communication at the Autonomous University of Nuevo León. His passion for the television industry allowed him to train in media such as Multimedios and Televisa in Mexico

During the time that she has been working for Univision, the Mexican journalist has served as a reporter for television productions such as “Sal y Pimienta”, “El Gordo y la Flaca” and “Noticias Univision”.

Karina Banda has been awarded six Emmy Awards throughout her journalistic career, among which are: Best Host, Best Entertainment Reporter and Best Time Host.

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