Who were the closest to the emperor?

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With the recent season 2 of The Mandalorian currently being broadcast by Disney +, maybe at some point they will tell us or give us a clue of the whereabouts of the emperor of the great galactic empire, at the time of the rebels and the empire there were 3 unique characters who were not separated from him, now we will tell you who they are.

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Darth vader was one, if not the closest to the emperor of the galaxy, formerly known as Anakin Skywalker, being influenced to the dark side of the force by the same Darth sidius adopted its new status as Sith lord and ran the order 66, Darth vader is an imposing presence that influences fear in his rivals and even in his allies, we all know that in the end, this confidence caused the Emperor to succumb to the second death star by the events of « Return of The Jedi ».

Granf Moff Tarkin or known as Wilhuff Tarkin, the human who served the galactic republic and the emperor in the galactic empire. Tarkin became the Governor of the Outer Rim following the events of the order 66 and commanded the first death star. The rebel alliance however stole the plans from the Star of the death and destroyed by killing the great supreme commander second in command of the empire.

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The Grand Admiral Thrawn is the last of these 3 close to the emperor, being a Chiss officer and Grand Admiral of his Star Destroyer « chimeraCommanding the empire’s seventh fleet Thrawn has been one of the most methodical and clever characters in all « Star Wars » always being one step ahead of his adversaries, demonstrating his skills to the use of the emperor.

« The Mandalorian » currently airs every Friday on Disney +.

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