Sadness and nostalgia flood the world of sports with the departure of a legend. Jerry sloan he leaves this world, a world in which he was happy and, above all, in which he made many happy. His story is not one of a winner, but one of those heroic losers whose defeats are worthy of a place in history. Professional player for 11 years, militating for ten seasons in the Chicago Bulls, it would be precisely that franchise that would make it impossible for Sloane to obtain the well-deserved award for his career on the bench Utah Jazz. He has died at the age of 78 and after years fighting against parkinson’s.

A life dedicated to basketball. This is the only way to summarize the career of Sloan, a man whose great virtue on the court, both in the role of player and coach, was his intelligence and ability to innovate. Powered the NBA in the 60s, when he got to be twice All star (1967 and 1969), he appeared up to four times in the best defensive quintet in a league in which his agility with 1.96m height was a revolution and ended with his shirt on the roof of the pavilion of the Chicago Bulls.

There he found himself trying to redeem himself as a coach. He started in the Illinois franchise, where he was an assistant for a year before leading the team for three seasons. In 1985 the turning point in his personal and sports life took place. The Utah Jazz There was a knock on his door and they incorporated the technical staff of a project whose bases were Stockton and Malone, that historical duo that was left without a prize when they stumbled over and over again with the dynasty of Michael Jordan in the Bulls. His leathery play on defense, quick on the counterattack and that ability he had to make the pick & roll between his two stars reach a higher status, elevated Sloan to the legend category in Salt Lake City.

He established his home and remained linked to the team even after leaving his coaching position in 2011, after 23 years on the bench. A whole record of longevity and a story of love and fidelity that moved everyone. Entered the Hall of Fame In 2009, he was able to redesign basketball and be key in future generations and always had a voice and vote in what Utah Jazz posed. Basketball owes a lot to a Jerry sloan who leaves this world with a clear conscience. He was a great professional and a better person, according to those who knew him. Rest in peace.