Who was Edna Schmidt, the former Univision reporter who died at age 51

Journalist Edna Schmidt passed away. He was 51 years old. In the world of Hispanic television, she was known for having been a presenter on the Univision Noticiero in its Night Edition. He was also a journalist in the morning program of the chain, Despierta América, and he, through his official Instagram account, regrets the death of it today. As of the closing of this note, the reasons for his sudden death are still unknown.

As a journalist, it should be noted that he not only stood out on the Univision network. Edna also formed for the ranks of Telemundo. Where he worked for two years, specifically for the Chicago broadcast. His departure from this chain was also clouded by the scandal, and when he left he accused them of discrimination.

He recently spoke about his dismissal and the manner of it from Univision in an interview with Neida Sandoval, where he exposed the mistreatment he received when he was fired. It should be added that she was fired after they found her lying in the parking lot of the television.

Through her social networks, she shared with her audience a concise description of herself, and that is Edna considered herself a deep journalist, she was also proudly Puerto Rican and family was always her priority. Which is why it looked like: “Daughter, sister and aunt first and foremost.” He lived life in his own way, and was also a lover of nature and adventure.

Several years ago Edna Schmidt revealed that she has long struggled with alcohol. And it is because of this terrible addiction the journalist lost her job. In an interview with Neida Sandoval, she spoke about this hard journey, all that she has achieved and how through her experience she has been able to help others overcome this addiction. She also spoke about all the losses she suffered in her life, one of them the death of her fiancé. Neida spoke about the details of this conversation with Despierta América and confesses that she not only spoke with Edna because of her affection for the journalist, but also because her audience asked her.

The program described the content of this conversation with the following description on YouTube: “After a long talk with her colleague Edna Schmidt, Neida Sandoval recognizes that the Puerto Rican is a strong and brave woman who fights every day against that addiction that once made it hit rock bottom. In addition, the Sin Rollo panel congratulated her on that conversation where the journalist was seen as very real and emotional ”.

About the death of her fiancé, David and his addictions, Edna had already spoken in the past, also for Univision. It was learned that he lost his life at the beginning of 2005, it was there that he took refuge in alcohol. He admitted that he drank three bottles of alcohol in one go. At some point she came to think that no one realized how she was.

Despite the fact that she eventually fell in love again, and even promised to marry, she also lost this relationship because of alcohol. First because he was in denial. “I did not accept my addiction,” he said at the time.

Colleagues and friends of Edna are shocked by the news, and nobody can believe, yet, that this has happened. One of the first to react to the condolences of Despierta América was Ana María Canseco and like her are also María Elena Salinas, Carolina Sandoval, Satcha Pretto, among others.

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