WHO expert called for « fairness » to manufacture and distribute

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Barcelona.- The director of Environment, Climate Change and Health of the World Health Organization (who), the Spanish María Neira, said that it is feasible that the vaccine against COVID-19 I arrived in early 2021 and asked that it be manufactured and distributed « fairly. »

« The date would be the first of next year. Optimists say that before the end of this year. Hopefully they are right, » Neira said at the conference online.COVID-19: the crossroads of the who« , organized by Barcelona Tribuna.

According to the expert, « the development of the vaccine, but also to ensure that manufacturing and distribution are produced fairly. « 

To who, he added, it will correspond to « coordinate and arbitrate » the race for vaccine.

Neira pointed out that « it will not only be able to benefit the countries that have paid » and recalled that there will be subsidies and the contribution of donors for those in worse situation to get vaccines.

« And all this, also generating clear economic benefits for pharmaceutical companies, » he added.

Regarding the regrowth registered in China, he explained that it is being investigated and that « what is known » will be communicated.

Furthermore, on the possibility of a global outbreak, Neira hopes that it will not occur, although she urged to protect herself to the maximum: « Expect the worst so that later it will be the best, » he summarized.

Asked if the who Reacting late in declaring the pandemic, Neira noted that when the epidemic became official in China, in the rest of the world there were only 80 confirmed cases and no deaths.

In this regard, he argued that then it was not a pandemic with global potential and, in that sense, « it was not late. »

At the same time, after the alert in China, the rest of the world had two and a half months to « prepare and respond », especially given the « exceptional measures taken » by Beijing, which some even described as « totalitarian ».

In his « personal » opinion, he stressed, the Chinese government « did not hide anything » and believes that, if it had, « the system would have detected it. »