WHO predicts when there will be “some normality”

On November 9, Pfizer announced that it had developed a vaccine against coronavirus with an efficiency of 90%. Already this week, Moderna reported on Monday that hers increased that value to 94.5%.

This hopeful news raise various questions, such as when the longed for normality or the date on which we will stop using the mask. Maria Neira, Director of the Department of Public Health and Environment of the World Health Organization (WHO), has given an interview to RAC-1 in which he has tried to answer some of these questions and has shown confident of reaching a “new normal” in summer or even earlier.

“Probably the most vulnerable groups will be able to be vaccinated in the first quarter of 2021. It will be an initial production. In the second part of 2021 we will continue to increase production and distribution of the vaccine. “In addition, he predicted that immunity will not become general until the end of next year.

The race between pharmaceutical companies

Likewise, Neira pointed out in the aforementioned medium that “there is an optimism that we all need” and highlighted that competition between pharmaceutical companies in the search for the vaccine “can be very positive. It is giving us very good results. “

How Christmas will unfold

By last, he also predicted what Christmas will be like: “It won’t be as socially fun and expansive as other years. We will have to be very creative and have a lot of imagination. Will be necessary patience, strategy and a certain active optimism. “