In life, only those who risk and those willing to undertake radical change win. Patrick Mouratoglou He is a nonconformist by nature and has set out to become the man called to change tennis. Tired by the monotony of a sport that he perceives in the midst of crisis, the famous Gallic coach may have seen in this crisis an opportunity to spread his ideas. With the Academy that he holds on the French Riviera already consolidated, hosting some great figures of the sport, Patrick has designed the Ultimate Tennis Showdown, a tournament that will last five weekends and that will break with everything established.

06/08/2020 03:06

The French coach presents ‘Ultimate Tennis Showdown’, a new style book for professional tennis with the aim of catching the youngest fan.

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– Who are the participants?

The loss of Aliassime at the last minute does not tarnish an exquisite roster in which there will be three top-10 players. Stefanos Tsitsipas, usual in the Gallic Academy, and Dominic ThiemLast minute incorporation, they will start as favorites against large-scale rivals, among which Matteo Berrettini stands out. Consolidated tennis players like David Goffin, Richard Gasquet and Lucas Pouille They promise spectacle, like absolute showmans of the circuit like Dustin Brown and Benoit Paire. The touch of veteran and precious game of Feliciano López and the youth of Alexei Popyrin, complete a very attractive poster for the hobbyist.

– What is the competition format of the tournament?

Each player will face each other with the remaining nine in a round robin format without groups, that is, all against all. The six players who present a better record at the end of this group will go to the final phase. In case of a tie, the difference in sets will decide. Of those six, the first two will already have a guaranteed place in the semifinals, while the other four will be measured in two duels to determine the other two semifinalists.

– Tournament schedule

A total of 50 matches will be played over five weekends. On June 13 and 14 each player will play two games, another two on June 20-21, another two on June 27-28, the seventh and eighth round-robin matchday will take place as early as July, on the 4th and 5th, while on the 11th the group will end. On July 12 it will be the tennis orgy at the Mouratoglou academy, with the playoffs to complete the semifinalists, the two semifinal duels and the grand final.

– A scoring system in matches never seen before

It is here that Mouratoglou and his team’s fantasy has reached unsuspected limits. Tennis enters a new concept by playing each game in four quarters of 10 minutes each, just like basketball. The player with the most points at the end of each quarter is the winner of the quarter, winning the match with the most quarters awarded. The four will always compete in the round-robin phase, so as not to distort the difference in sets, a key element for an eventual tiebreaker.

In the event that a match ends 2-2, a fifth will be played in which the first player to win two points in a row will be the winner. The one who has accumulated the most points in the total of the four quarters will be the one to choose between removing or subtracting. In addition, if a quarter ends a tie on points, a point will be played that will determine the partial winner of the same.

If the clock zeroes in the middle of a point, that point is allowed to finish. In addition, each player serves twice alternately and the strategic option is introduced that each contestant can choose up to four times per game, that the rival plays directly with second service.

A time between point and point of 15 seconds will be established, as well as 30 seconds of coaching per quarter, which must be requested by the tennis coach. Another revolutionary rule is that no penalties will be imposed for profanity, throwing a racket on the ground and the like. As if this were not enough, the players will be able to respond to the spectators in the breaks on the track, since they will connect to the live broadcast and receive comments from people.

– Where to watch the Ultimate Tennis Showdown and at what time?

The organization has established a free and free streaming for all countries through which all matches can be watched. In addition, it will broadcast the Eurosport 1 event and all round-robin days will start at 16:00 local time.