Who left the Government during Fernández’s administration?

More than resignation under pressure, with the departure of Ginés González García from the Ministry of Health , President Alberto Fernández sought to give a sample of quick reflexes, with an express process almost before the orders piled up . The renowned sanitarian appeared in all the lists of possible replacements of an eventual ministerial replacement, widely promoted at the end of 2020 and which had been delayed.

The changes to the presidential cast have been openly requested by the vice president, Cristina Fernandez , with its public allusion to « officials who do not work », reiterated periodically with similar variants and the same spirit.

In the first year of management, the only minister who had paid with her position for her « inefficiency » was the Santa Fe Maria Eugenia Bielsa , replaced in the Habitat ministry by the former mayor of Avellaneda, Jorge Ferraresi .

Without other casualties in the main draw, the head of state made several changes in his group of collaborators, especially in the economic area. The main one, the holder of the Anses, position of which Alexander Vanoli he was forced to abdicate for the benefit of Fernanda raverta .

Sergio Lanziani left the secretary of Energy in August and his position was filled by Darío Martínez . A few months earlier, the secretary of Articulation of Social Policy of the Ministry of Social Development, Gonzalo calvo , was invited to step aside in the middle of the scandal over the purchase of food with surcharges in the context of the pandemic emergency. It is the only case with a root similar to this afternoon.

Meanwhile, in the educational area, Adriana Puiggrós He stopped being vice minister due to differences with the head of the portfolio, Nicolás Trotta. The prestigious pedagogue, however, continues to advise the Government on education.