Who is “YosStop”, the Mexican youtuber arrested for possession of child pornography

Yoseline Hoffman (30) is a youtuber of Mexican origin who is called YosStop on said video platform. It has two channels on YouTube which allows it to have more than 13 million subscribers. He also has an Instagram account in which he reaches six million followers.

Hoffman is also known on Mexican television because as an actress she participated in series of great popular fame in the Aztec country, such as: “What women keep silent” and “La Rosa de Guadalupe”.

The career of the youtuber in the world of entertainment began at the age of 19. But his career from the beginning was focused on controversy. Since its humorous content was quite particular and also made very unfortunate comments about Karla Sousa and the accusations of sexual abuse that she launched in 2019. Yoseline practically assured that the actress was partly to blame for what had happened to her.

Today, Yoseline Hoffman faces stronger controversy. The Mexican has been arrested accused of the crime of pornography to the detriment of a minor.

To jail

The “youtuber” she was apprehended on Tuesday night at her home by agents of the Investigative Police of the Attorney General’s Office of Mexico City, and taken to the Santa Martha Acatitla female prison in the capital.

The arrest came after the accusations made by a young woman identified as Ainara Suárez, who denounced Yoseline in March for the crime of child pornography and equal rape.

The complaint was also directed at five men who have not been detained so far, who – according to the young woman’s testimony – attacked, raped her and documented the events, and then broadcast the recording on May 25, 2018.

In this recording, it was explicitly observed how the 16-year-old is intoxicated while four men insert a bottle of champagne into her vagina.

The material was disseminated by young people on social networks and reached the hands of the 30-year-old “influencer”, who dedicated a video from her YouTube channel to talk about the case and, among other things, called her a “whore” and criticized the attitudes of the young woman on numerous occasions.

In this video, Yoseline claims to have received, reproduced and stored the recording of the adolescent’s sexual assault on her phone. Some time later, Ainara shared the story she lived through from her social networks, where he made a count of the aggressions he experienced by the “influencer” who has more than five million followers on YouTube.

Yoseline is not the first Mexican “youtuber” arrested so far this year. Last January, the Attorney General’s Office of Mexico City also reported the arrest of the “youtuber” Rix, named Ricardo Arturo, as allegedly guilty of raping the “influencer” Nath Campos.

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