Saved: one of the rooms of the Marcos Paz prison, where Xiao Dong is being held (Courtesy of the Judicial Information Center)

On Monday in the morning, the Federal Oral Court No. 6, made up of a single person by Judge Sabrina Namer, sentenced two businessmen from the Chinese community, Xiao Dong Lin and Wu Lin, older brother and younger brother. He gave the first five years, two years the second, for participating in the same crime. Xiao Dong, the most complicated, is prisoner in a cell of the Marcos Paz prison, one of at least 25 citizens of your country locked up in the federal prison system. Wu Lin sits with an electronic anklet at the back of a supermarket in Versailles, the address he set.

Both They are businessmen from Fujian province that despite collecting benefits from the ANSES such as the Universal Assignment -in Xiao Dong’s case- joined two companies in the last five years together with Argentine partners, firms dedicated according to the Official Gazette to the business of supermarkets. Xiao Dong, for his part, had bought another supermarket in Pilar a few years earlier.

With that commercial profile it would not have been difficult for them to get staff, someone to control the box, the replenishment or the greengrocer. Namer, however, after an accusation by Federal Court No. 12 under Sergio Torres and prosecutor Gerardo Pollicita, Condemned them for the crime of human trafficking, recruitment, transfer and foster care for exploitation purposes, abuse of a situation of vulnerability, Xiao Dong as the head of the plan, Wu Lin as its secondary participant and cover-up. The penalty was an agreement between the parties, an abbreviated trial, the closing of a long story, 18 thousand kilometers long, with a girl as the victim.

It happened on March 30, 2018 at the corner of Lope de Vega and Alcaraz, in Villa Devoto, when a police officer saw the young woman while trying to flee from two Asian men, Xiao Dong and Wu Lin. « She is my wife, » Xiao Dong shouted. The young woman was in a clear state of nervousness. So, the officer took his phone. Through a translation tool, the young woman was able to make herself understood as best she could, without being able to speak Spanish. The woman told him that she was not Xiao Dong’s wife. She said that the businessman beat her, sexually abused her. X.Y, almost 20 thousand kilometers from home, asked in Chinese language the police of the Police Station No. 44 for the slogan in the middle of the night please help her, not leave her alone. He had run twelve blocks through Villa Luro with a backpack slung over his shoulders, everything he had, with Xiao Dong behind.

What the virtual translator translated was brutal. It is part of the condemnation of TOF N ° 6, the signed agreement. « My phone was taken by them and I can’t call », « Trick me into coming to work and hit me to take my cell phone », « he abused me in the afternoon and I escaped being hit by them », “They didn’t give me dinner and they locked me in the room and beat me”. Finally: « I have periods and he also raped me. »

Xiao Dong and Wu Lin were arrested on the spot.

Xiaodong and his victim, in photo supposedly taken in Fujian.

X. Y recounted how there was arrived in Argentina just over ten days before from the Chinese province of Fujian, where the vast majority of Asians who are engaged in the supermarket business in the country come from. He spoke to a specialist from the Trafficking Victims Rescue Program. Said how through a woman in Fujian his captor I had made a juicy offer, interesting, two thousand dollars a month to work as a cashier in a store a few blocks from the Vélez court, the same place you ran away from towards the first policeman to come across and where Wu Lin is serving his arrest today. The young woman should pay her debt by working. He told how he had left China for Ecuador to spend a week in a hotel.

Then, he would arrive in Bolivia, where he finally met Xiao Dong. The transcript of the victim’s testimony continues with aberrational things. He noted that he overheard a phone conversation Xiao Dong had, which She spoke of “sending whores to work” with “four or five girls”, that she “served him” because “she needed a girlfriend”. She spoke of a rape there at the hotel, of how Xiao Dongo kidnapped her passport, her phone chip, of how he put her on a bus to cross the border under a false name.

He spent a week in Jujuy, where, according to the victim, Xiao Dong subdued her again. The rapes, the specialists analyzed, had an obvious end: to break it, its soften. If so, then the softening did not work. X.Y ran to a cop and told everything.

The Federal Human Trafficking division raided his supermarket and other addresses, a supermarket on Famatina street: they found him Aerolineas plane tickets from San Salvador de Jujuy to Buenos Aires, plus three bulletproof vests with the number filed.

The supermarket on Famatina street, one of the points raided.

Xiaodong arrived in Argentina a little less than 20 years ago also from Fujian. It went relatively well. Together with Wu, his younger brother, Lin set up Bazar Group SA on March 10, 2016 to dedicate himself to the supermarket business. That same day, according to the Official Gazette, he set up another company, called Great Dragon, created for the same purpose also together with Wu.

He learned a bit of Spanish over time with some difficulty, he learned to write it. He refused to testify after being arrested. Then decided to speak before the Justice in the company of his lawyer, which is also his brother Wu’s. The name of the defender surprised at that time: was former judge Daniel Llermanos, who represented Hugo Moyano and his son Pablo. The Lin brothers weren’t his first Chinese customers; Llermanos worked « in causes of extortion and threats in the community, » he said.

The former judge announced that he would appeal the prosecution of Judge Torres. The evidence to exonerate Xiaodong, says Llermanos, he was on his client’s cell phone. The businessman and his alleged victim « were boyfriends, » he says: « There are messages and photos between them with a clear romantic content. »

One of those images illustrates this note: Xiaodong and the woman who accuses him of making her a trafficking victim pose in a studio supposedly somewhere in China in fine clothes, a ball gown for her. « An Asian luxury », said the defender: “There WeChat messages, a network similar to WhatsApp, widely used by Chinese, they are typical of a man and a woman in love. A kidnapper, a trafficker, doesn’t talk like that to a woman”.

In its conviction, Oral Court No. 6 did not speak of this alleged trip to Asia, but considered the obvious: that there were no records of the victim’s entry into Migrations, that his passport did not have visa stamps. The businessman’s movements to Bolivia, on the other hand, were detected. The victim stated that Xiao Dong allegedly contacted her from jail to return to the supermarket, that they would give him shelter and food there, that he had to « change his statement » so that man can get out of jail. He claimed that his mother, back in China, had been threatened.

Sexual abuse finally they were not part of the conviction.

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