Who is Tim Fox? and 9 other things you didn’t know about the next Batman

DC’s Future State has enveloped comic book fans in great excitement. All of DC’s superheroes are ready to be put on display in a whole new light and one of the talking points so far has been Tim Fox, who is ready to take on the mantle of the Dark Knight in Gotham City.

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With Bruce Wayne believed to be dead (he could be using the Dark Detective alias without anyone knowing), Gotham City requires its greatest superhero. It’s something big enough that a near-stranger is going to try to fill Batman’s huge shoes. There are a few things fans probably don’t know about Tim’s short DC Comics history.

10 Who is Tim Fox? He is the brother of Luke Fox, a former Batwing and son of Lucius Fox.

The Time Fox is the brother of Luke Fox; a known former Batwing. He is the son of Lucius Fox, who is very popular with fans as a vital cog in the Batman universe.

In all honesty, Tim never achieved the kind of popularity that writers expected of him. He was never the main focus of any comic, instead, he was just a disgruntled kid who added a bit of spice. His brother, Luke, was usually the one in the spotlight.

9 He hates his father’s guts – Tim was a rebellious kid and didn’t like Lucius working for Bruce Wayne

As mentioned, Tim, as a child, was the rebellious type. He didn’t like Lucius acting like Bruce Wayne’s servant. So much so that every time he met his father, he never failed to mention how disappointed he was.

If not with his words, then with his demeanor, Tim was able to convey exactly what he felt. Lucius didn’t know what to do as he couldn’t understand this hatred. As a result, their father-son relationship became strained.

8 He despises Bruce Wayne – feels the Wayne family owes so much more to his own father

Tim can’t stand Bruce Wayne and his wealth. He feels that his family owes him something because all his father does is serve him. Again, the problem here is that Tim was just a kid and didn’t have the means to discover the truth for himself.

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He didn’t judge Bruce’s character by talking to him, he just formed an opinion, which is never a good way to act. On the other hand, one could understand where the feeling was coming from.

7 he joined the League of Assassins – He soon came under the wing of Gregorian Falstaff

This had to happen, seeing the way Tim was behaving. He left his family and joined a group of street thugs. At first, it seemed like he had joined a normal class of criminals, but soon, he came under the wing of Gregorian Falstaff.

They showed Tim a bunch of tapes, convincing him that Bruce Wayne was the owner. Falstaff was a member of the League of Assassins.

6 beaten up by Batman – Tim had been given the job of planting a bomb at Wayne Enterprises

The job Falstaff gave him was to bring down Bruce, not by force, but by stealing his wealth. It was a good idea, but Tim found himself trapped in a place where he didn’t belong.

He was given a job planting a bomb at Wayne Enterprises, with other goons, and unsurprisingly, he was caught red-handed by Batman. He took a little beating at the hands of the Dark Knight, but after that, Bruce gave him a good scolding.

5 Helped by Robin – Dick Grayson was going through some personal problems at the time and could understand why Tim acted recklessly

During that little phase Tim was caught in, Bruce couldn’t understand how Lucio’s son could sink so low. He was freaking out when Robin jumped to the boy’s rescue.

Dick Grayson was going through some personal things at the time and he could understand why Tim was acting recklessly. This was another instance where Robin helped fans see things differently and perhaps let Tim have his moment.

4 Learned His Lessons – He came very close to throwing his life overboard, but thankfully, Tim stopped at the right time

Tim couldn’t have learned a harder lesson than the one he learned once the truth came out. He was so sure of what he was doing that he didn’t even consider looking back. When Falstaff was captured, he was made to admit the truth in front of Tim.

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The whole charade became clear to the boy and he understood the consequences that his actions could have caused. He was very close to throwing his life away, but luckily, he was stopped at the right time.

3 Not seen for a while – the writers didn’t have any material for him

After some time in the spotlight, Tim couldn’t become a famous character. And the world of comics is very tough for many supporting characters. There was clearly a lot of potential in Tim, but the writers had no material for him.

He could have easily joined the Bat-Family, but at the time, he was very unlucky as there were many people ahead at the entrance. He couldn’t be seen even with Lucius and it was pretty sad.

2 Guest Appearances – His appearances were so rare that fans hardly realized he was there

Tim was scored only in guest appearances. The screen time was so low that fans could hardly tell it was there. After the Falstaff incident, he appeared in « Batman: The Joker War Zone ».

These are some of his only known appearances in comic book history, making it even more puzzling why he’s getting the New Batman label. It doesn’t matter though, as Tim has come a long way from his mischief days.

1 Future In The DC Comics – Revealed as the new Batman on January 19

Tim Fox, on January 19, was revealed as the New Batman in « Future State »: New Batman # 2. « The DC Future State sees all popular characters dead or who have given up their previous titles.

This means that most famous superheroes will have new names and Tim emerged to be one of the most amazing. Not only because his brother is so popular, but also because he hasn’t appeared in comics for a long time. It remains to be seen if it could have a major impact on the DC Universe.