Who is the real villain in ‘Falcon and the Winter Soldier’?

In Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Marvel’s new series for Disney Plus, nothing is what it seems. The production, which pays direct homage to the trilogy that involves the character of Captain America, it is also a curious set of mirrors. For now, the plot is more interested in delving into its characters in a nifty way. While Sam (Falcon) faces an uncomfortable legacy, Bucky (the Winter Soldier) tries to find his place in the world.

But in reality, the real pitfall of the plot goes in another direction. While the Baron Zemo It is an unknown of loyalties and Sharon carter seek redemption, the symbol of Captain America is in dispute. John walker it becomes an uncomfortable symbol.

It is also the new heroism in a time that returned from the ashes. The behavior and the way in which John embodies the new American hero is quite a declaration of intent.

Without being quite a villain, John has shown that his ambition to fulfill the role he carries borders on greed. In fact, the script has placed particular emphasis on the fact that the new Captain America is disgustingly, arrogant, and irritating. In addition, it has its own agenda. From his first appearance, wearing the traditional Stars and Stripes uniform, his role was controversial.

It’s about the inevitable comparisons with the mature goodness of Steve Rogers and that John assumes his role from pride. His false humility, the apparent intention to please the aspirations and objectives fail to correct a key fact. John wants to shine but not for the greater good, but to demonstrate his ability. And that exception so human and so close to vanity, which makes him perhaps the villain that you did not expect from the series.

Contemporary evil in ‘Falcon and the Winter Soldier’

Since the participation of Zemo was announced as part of the plot of Falcon and the Winter Soldier, there was speculation about his role. And although it is obvious that the Baron of Sokovia is an ambiguous figure, in reality it is that John Walker is even more so. Especially for the fact that he carries a legacy on his shoulders that grants him a special kind of power in a world in ruins.

Already in the second chapter of the series, John proved that he actually wants to show his worth beyond the shadow of Captain Rogers. But it is his behavior in the opening scenes of the third when he makes it clear that his goal is far from heroism. The episode emphasizes the fact that he is unable to recover from a colossal tragedy, engendering a new kind of power.

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Captain America: the true villain of ‘Falcon and the Winter Soldier’

There is a considerable amount of nuance in the tone of Falcon and the Winter Soldier. The heroism of The Avengers seems far away amid the immediate needs of a world in crisis. And John Walker is the visible face of that rupture. A greedy conception of contemporary evil, full of hypocritical intentions and a total fracture with the traditional hero.

Until now, Steve Rogers had been a blameless hero. The visible leader of the Avengers and also a quintessential American symbol. Who is John Walker in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Although his role in his comic version is completely different, his arrival in live action has something provocative. With the shield as a safe-conduct for little less than objectionable conduct, it is also the response of a reeling government to the absence. Steve Rogers? Actually, the answer is broader and more interesting.

The new Captain America marked by the blip

Chris Evans

Sam traverses the post blip world amidst uncertainty. He rejected the shield that Steve Rogers put in his hands, and the weight of responsibility. On more than one occasion, he has repeated that he does not deserve or want to carry the name of a traditional hero on his arm. But in the third chapter of the series it became clear that the world in rubble needs a face, not a metaphor for good.

AND John walker (US Agent), with all his petulant energy, replaces a hero who is also a historical stage. Steve Rogers was the embodiment of American righteousness, optimism, and integrity. The first three phases of the Marvel Cinematic Universe were distinguished by their impeccable and innocent solemnity. Whom? What Captain America does he represent?

Without appealing to the comic, it is clear that the game of the script is to show the grays of a defeated world. Despite the great act of heroism of Tony Stark and the rest of the original Avengers, despair is everywhere. Zemo escapes and joins two unlikely heroes with betrayal as a possible outcome.

Sharon Carter confesses that she was abandoned “by everyone” and now subsists in crime. John Walker wears the shield but in reality, he is a curious villain, more similar to the Agatha Harkness Kathryn Hahn than the hero she embodies.

It is that game of subtleties, the greatest strength of a series that tries to narrate the post-apocalyptic world of Marvel. The impeccable morals of the Marvel universe is over. Now, there will be heroes and villains too similar to each other. And it is Walker, the first of them in what seems to be a journey to the dark and complex side of Marvel.