Who is the most hated player in the NBA?

Hate is one of the most recurrent emotional elements in the NBA. Although many of the teams generate sympathy among their fans and many are more heroes than antagonists, it is very common to see players visit the fields of all the country as visitors and receive boos and criticism from the entire stands.

We have seen it with Kyrie irving on his return to TD Garden, also with Bring young on his trip to Madison Square Garden, also with Bogdan Bogdanovic in Philadelphia Sixers… These NBA 2021 Playoffs are being one of the contexts in which it is entering the stands the most in the games with some quite despicable acts during most of the games, putting in danger even the physical integrity of some of Players.

Who are the most hated players in the NBA? The names that generate the most hate have been clear for several seasons in the league, and so the map is divided.

The dominance of LeBron James

In the end, when the player who has generated the most hits is the one who receives the most hatred from most of the country, it makes sense. It could be known that the King generates a lot of hatred in the great number of the States of the United States, but the rest of the names have also been some of the most anticipated.

Kyrie Irving is the second most frequently featured on this list, something expected after his repeated stumbles with the Boston Celtics franchise. In fact, the Big-Three of Brooklyn nets in full appears in one of the areas of the country, accompanied by Paul George and Russell Westbrook as the only players to appear in at least one state.

If we were to compose a list of the most hated players in the NBA, all or almost all of these names would appear very high. Although these acts that we are seeing from players and fans will change the panorama very, very soon. Long live the hate in the NBA but don’t go beyond there.

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