After actively participating in the organization of anti-quarantine caravans in Tigre, who gathered a crowd of motorists with their families in front of the train station on three occasions (May 25, May 30 and June 20), Lucas Maciel decided to go for more and drives the creation of a political party to represent the private neighborhoods of your district.

“It seems that living in a closed neighborhood is a bad word. The rulers think that we are millionaires, but we are middle-class people, professionals who employ many families. We fight day by day to progress and live better and that is not a sin, « Maciel assured Infobae, who also pointed out that many times they feel discriminated against and need someone to fight for their rights and interests.

« We feel discriminated against. They only take us into account when collecting since the closed neighborhoods in addition to being 40% of the continental territory of Tigre, we are nothing more or less than 40% of the total collection of the municipal tax and we also generate 2.5 jobs per lot, « he said.

Maciel maintains that residents of private neighborhoods pay, on average, a municipal tax of $ 5,000 per lot per month and that in exchange they receive nothing from the government. « The municipal rates (and Arba) increased well above inflation and no political space stopped that. Neither Change, nor the Renewing Front, nor the Front for Victory. All voted in favor of continuing to squeeze us and for the municipality to finance itself with that tax, ”he explained.

He stressed that they must pay for services that are not provided (such as lighting, sweeping and cleaning since that is also charged within the neighborhoods themselves), fight for clean water (in many of them there is only well water), pay for asphalt or for a private surveillance service.

Maciel is 36 years old, married, has a 5-year-old daughter and has lived since 2011 in the Santa Teresa neighborhood of the Villanueva Complex. He defines himself as “a farmer” who sold his PH in Martínez and with that money he was able to buy his house there. « I am not rich », he emphasized firmly.

He currently works as general manager of a private neighborhood in Pilar and has a long history of fighting for neighborhood interests. He was a councilor for the San Agustín neighborhood, director of the Villanueva Neighborhood Association, later its president, and when his term ended, he was also hired as manager. Also, He was mayor of the private Santa Bárbara neighborhood, where Julio Zamora, the president of Tigre, resides today.

“It was something I was not expecting. Friends, acquaintances and neighbors of Santa Teresa and San Agustín wrote to me. Also people who know me from when I organized soccer games in the neighborhoods that make up the Villanueva complex. I received a lot of support from all sides. They told me « che, you’re right, we have to put something together because we don’t have representation », « put together something that I will accompany you ». And I was encouraged, « said Maciel, who together with a group of 51 residents hold regular meetings via Zoom to shape what would be United Private Neighborhoods.

This is how Lucas became the spokesperson and the visible face of this political project that arose without imagining it. “I am the one who carries the flag of this. If you ask me if I would like to be the candidate, I say yes. But everything will be subjected to an internal vote by party affiliates. There is no personalism, « he admitted.

It is currently in the stage of collecting signatures to achieve legal status. « We need 1500 signatures. We launched on June 20 and two days later we had already raised 10%. That is, 150 adherents. With this it became evident that there is a sector that is not represented ”, he was enthusiastic.

From Instagram @ barrioscerradosUni2 they spread their proposals and invite people to join to achieve their mission. “We are part of the plurality that democracy needs. We are citizens and we are part of this Argentina. And not because we live in a closed neighborhood we have to be excluded. We have more obligations than others but we have no rights, how is this? ”He asked himself.

The initiative not only hit hard in the community of Tigre but also it spread to other municipalities. “We were contacted by neighbors from Pilar, Escobar, Malvinas Argentinas, Luján and Canning to replicate the idea of ​​the party in those localities. I still can’t believe the viralizing power we have achieved, ”Maciel concluded, hoping to become a councilor for Tigre in the next legislative elections.