Who is the Female Titan?

Who is Annie Leonhart the Female Titan? | Studio WIT

The final season of « Attack On Titan » has already been broadcast for over a month, and as always, we are giving ourselves the task of reviewing the shifting titans who will play an important role in the ending of the animated series plot, this time, we will see the Female Titan. (WARNING, SPOILERS)

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The Female Titan, is one of thes nine Titans changing, has multiple skills, including, attract pure titans with their roar, temporary tightening of their skin and concentrated and accelerated regeneration. He is currently in possession of Annie Leonhart.

With his ability to attract unintelligent Titans to his location by means of a shout, Annie Leonhart is a lethal weapon that the recon squad had to face in the first few seasons, since in the end, thanks to everyone’s skills, she was about to be captured, Annie locked herself in a cocoon of glass and we never heard from her again.

Later in the last volumes of the manga, Annie manages to get out of the crystal cocoon when Eren jaeger manages to merge completely with the Founding Titan, removing all hardening from any Titan, including Annie.

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Behind this, Annie he leaves the prison where he was and manages to contact the current reconnaissance squad, helping in the fight to stop the rumbling that Eren jaeger has caused for wipe out the entire Marley nation.

It is very likely that at some point in the manga we will see Annie leonhart in this last season of « Attack On Titan ».

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