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Telemundo Rodrigo Romeh Reinforcement of Famous

Since the first season, when renowned fitness influencer Michelle Lewin joined Team Famosos, these types of figures have been very popular among the ranks of Exatlon USA athletes. In many cases, if they no longer had millions of followers on their social networks, once they join the competition, they quickly become celebrities, but almost always, they already were before entering.

There is also the case of Fernando Lozada, the model, influencer and businessman from the fourth season, who joined the ranks of Team Famosos, and quickly became one of the most beloved of the previous edition, whose face was already familiar to television screens for having appeared on the MTV reality show Acapulco Shore.

The fifth season of Exatlon United States already received an influencer

Known in the digital world as “Romeh”, where only in his Instagram account he has 1.7 million followers, Rodrigo Romeh is a businessman, model and champion of bodybuilding native of Mexico. He is based in Miami, Florida.

His competitive spirit has led him to raise his Mexican flag in challenges throughout the country, making him a national champion in various disciplines. Three years ago, her mother died of cancer, and since then her goal is to motivate people through her personal story.

He also has an exercise supplement company called Actitus. The product line ranges from different proteins, muscle recovery drinks, components to strengthen the immune system and even offers personalized virtual consultancies by Romeh himself and his team of experts, dedicated to ensuring that their clients achieve the best version of themselves. themselves, through a healthy lifestyle.

On his YouTube channel, Rodrigo Romeh has almost 800,000 subscribers to whom he shares all the routines that he religiously practices with a detailed explanation of their benefits, in addition to this, “Romeh” also gives his followers a close look at his day. to day, what he eats, his hobbies, his passions and diversions.

He recently shared a tender video called “The Best of My Quarantine”, emphasizing staying home during the COVID-19 pandemic, where he asked his sister to take his nephews home to share with him and have a day full of fun adventures.

The best of my quarantine 😁Follow me on all my social networks: facebook.com/romehrodrigo instagram.com/rodrigo_romeh twitter.com/rodrigo_romeh2020-05-25T01:31:22Z

Rodrigo Romeh joined the fifth season as a reinforcement of Team Famosos together with professional gymnast Nicole Diaz, whose achievements have led her to achieve regional recognition such as: second place in the 2016 Pan American Specialist Games, fourth place in the Central American games of 2018, and 2nd place in the Puerto Rico national championship in 2019.

On the side of Team Contendientes, reinforcements were also added and they are Jimmy Velez, a personal trainer, and Karime Cabrera, a professional rugby player.

The reinforcements come to give you all the boost the teams need in the competition.

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