Who is Martian Manhunter in the Justice League Snyder Cut

The Martian Manhunter apparition, Martian Detective In its translation into Spanish, it was one of the great moments of the Snyder Cut of La Liga de la Justicia. Not only because it opened a whole dimension of possibilities, but because it made one of the director’s announcements a reality.

A few months ago, Zack Snyder had announced the presence of the curious character in the Expanded Universe of DC. He further clarified de was not a casual addition, but a way of delving into the mythology of The Justice League, which for more than four decades has included Martian Detective.

As explained by the director, the character’s arrival at the cinema went through a series of stages before becoming an official part of the final assembly of The Justice League and the version that would later reach HBO Max. As is known, the Snyder Cut is the result of material that the director recorded before leaving the set in 2017, but that was not included in the final theatrical edition of Joss Whedon.

However, the shots of Martian manhunter they were never recorded. They were part of different ideas that Snyder analyzed, but did not finish specifying. The ones we’ve seen in the Snyder Cut were shot especially for the current version. These new sequences included an apocalyptic future of the epilogue and the identity of the actor Harry lennix as the character.

The long journey to the Martian Manhunter screen

Martian Manhunter in the Justice League Snyder Cut

The first mention that Zack snyder The last thing about the possibility of including the enigmatic character was in 2019. The director commented, through the social network Vero, that in several previous scripts there was a specific scene about Martian Detective.

Snyder also claimed that actor Harry Lennix had played the character in Superman: Man of Steel. As if that wasn’t enough, he revealed that Lennix also did it in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. And he made it clear that both times it was the Martian Detective even though the actor did not know it.

But specifically, he referred to the scene he envisioned for The Justice League. In fact, he went on to describe that the sequence included Lois lane and Martha Kent in a painful conversation after Clark’s death.

By the time filming for the new footage began, Snyder announced that the important snippet of this idea would be included. The result is a combination of existing material, along with new takes that They show Martian Manhunter posing as Martha. This last sequence was recorded last year.

Of course, and like everything that surrounds the Snyder Cut, there is controversy over such a claim. According to The Wrap, part of the film’s creative team insists that the idea of ​​including the character is later than the Whedon version. That could explain why the actor Harry lennix he had no news about the fact that he was playing, almost by accident, the Martian Manhunter.

Whatever the case, the fact is that the character was already part of the debate around the Snyder Cut by early 2019. Which suggests that the director had an ambitious idea around the participation of the character.

Martian Manhunter arrives at the ‘Snyder Cut’ of ‘The League of Justice’

Martian Manhunter in the Justice League Snyder CutMartian Manhunter in the Justice League Snyder Cut

But in the four-hour epic released by HBO Max, the scene of Martian Manhunter became an immediate source of interest. His first appearance is just as Zack Snyder had commented, taking Martha’s place in a conversation with Lois.

The second occurs during the epilogue, in which he reveals his identity to Bruce Wayne and offers his help for a future at risk. It was evidently a nod for a Justice League sequel that doesn’t seem like it will materialize. However, it is interesting that the character, with his mere presence, opened up all kinds of possibilities for the future of the DC Extended Universe.

Furthermore, the fact that the actor Harry lennix outside part of the trilogy directed by Zack Snyder, opens all kinds of possibilities of interest. Was there a third or fourth plot line under all the possibilities that The Epilogue left open? Most likely, yes. And the story of Martian Manhunter in the comic could prove it..

A unique and very powerful hero

Martian Detective o J’onn J’onzz debuted in Dc comics in 1955. Since then, he has looked more or less similar – a green-skinned alien – and has been an ally of the heroes of earth. Specifically from the members of the Justice League. In addition to his special shapeshifting ability, this unique hero has superhuman strength, telepathy, and rapid regeneration. He also shares with Superman the ability to fly and heat vision.

In fact, Martian Detective He is often the ideal replacement for the Man of Steel in times of emergency. Which suggests that the inclusion of the hero in the universe that Zack Snyder tried to create was not at all accidental. Did the director intend to include the character in a battle against the Darkseid-dominated Superman?

Everything could indicate yes. If it weren’t for the fact that one of the character’s few weaknesses is fire, which would put him in a tough spot. If you recall, The Justice League Snyder Cut epilogue shows a burning and desolate planet after being razed by Superman and Darkseid.

More details on the arrival of the Martian Manhunter

Martian Manhunter Martian Detective

There is more to be said about the inclusion of Martian Detective on the Snyder Cut. In a recent interview for Vanity Fair, the director explained that he also raised the possibility of featuring Green Lantern. But Warner flatly refused, because apparently they had or have plans of their own for the character.

Of course, Zack Snyder’s plans went beyond his version of The Justice League. That included revealing the identity of Lennix’s character in the future, as well as a greater involvement of Martian Detective in future plots. But of course, with the Snyder Cut turned into a one-of-a-kind project that lives by itself and is not canon of the DC Extended Universe, we will never know its true relevance within the director’s vision.