Who is killing the dolls? Nicolas Cage. Spanish trailer for ‘Willy’s Wonderland’

YouPlanet Pictures presents the Spanish trailer for ‘Willy’s wonderland‘, a film in which Nicolas Cage plays a quiet and lonely individual who agrees to clean up an abandoned family fun center in exchange for getting his car repaired.

You will soon find yourself waging a life and death battle against a series of possessed animatronic pets who have not realized that they really are the ones who have a problem, and not our dear Nic Cage: Because they are the ones who are locked in with him. fucking Nicolas Cage.

Kicks and punches fly in a night of action and adventure.

Directed by a certain Kevin Lewis from a script written by a certain GO Parsons, this kind of apocryphal version of ‘Five Nights at Freddy’s’ will be released in our country on digital platforms such as Movistar + and Prime Video next Sunday 4 of July.

I hope it is as enjoyable as’Jiu Jitsu‘, another recent from Cage also available on Prime Video. If only. Following this trailer, but not before leaving you the link to the YouTube channel of YouPlanet Pictures, without any waste and full of trailers dubbed into Spanish of movies that show that this distributor has an “exquisite” palate in terms of cinema.

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