Who is Hanna Jaff, the Mexican who will soon be part of British royalty | Instagram

As in a fairy tale, it will be the one that will soon star Hanna Jaff after his relationship with Henry Roper- Curzon, a member of the royal family and with whom he became engaged last January.

Very soon the Mexican will be part of the British royal family and it will be related to the same heirs to the throne of Great Britain.

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Who’s Hanna Haff?

Hanna Jazmin Jaff Bosdet, also 34, is a Mexican born in San Diego, California, on November 4, 1986, is an actress and best known for having been part of the cast of the Netflix reality show Made in Mexico, in 2018.

After learning a little more about his life, it transpired that much of his childhood she spent it in Tijuana, Baja California, where her maternal family resides, thanks to which French blood runs in her veins, and she is also the great-granddaughter of Carlos Henry Bosdet, same that was used in Sony Ericsson for the installation of the first telephone in Mexico during the period of Porfirio Díaz.

Hanna He shares the Kurdish origin on the part of his father, his family is a member of the Jaff dynasty, who own North Bank Iraq, one of the largest private banks in that country, as well as Sherwana Castle, home of his ancestors.

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The girl from 34 years He has a degree in Psychology from the National University of California, and he specialized in Criminal Justice and Political Science, also with a master’s degree in Arts from Harvard University.

On their social networks, Hanna describes himself as « Television personality, politician, philanthropist, lecturer, human rights activist, and author », primarily engaged in humanitarian work.

In the year 2013, founded the Jaff Foundation for Education, a non-profit organization which aims to teach English to immigrants, refugees and people without access to education.

In addition to providing support to sectors of the population, it enlists as voluntary in refugee camps where he teaches English and where he also donates books on this subject.

Similarly launched a line of clothes in October 2017 with which it would seek to promote the elimination of hatred, intimidation and division under the legend « We Are One Campaign ».

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Who Is Henry Roper-Curzon?

Henry, 34, heir to the title of Lord, Baron of Teynham and Pyleweel Park. His family is a descendant of Henry VII Tudor, King of England and Lord of Ireland, and Queen Mary Stuart of Scotland.

At the same time, Henry shares direct relationship with Sarah Ferguson, mother Eugenia and Beatriz de York and in turn ex-wife of Andrés (son of Queen Elizabeth and Duke Felipe of Edinburgh).

How did Hanna Jaff and her fiancé meet?

Hanna Jazmin Jaff Bosdet and Henry Roper-Curzon met on a blind date orchestrated by a mutual friend who Henry He had discussed his wishes to marry a Latina.

A man, a real man. The strongest most confident man, that protects and acts like a human shield for you. That supports, cheers, and feels proud of you. That advises, listens, and fixes everything for you. That makes you laugh till you cry, flatters, and lifts you higher everyday. That showed you what being in love really is. A smart hardworking family man you respect and admire above all, and the man that brought my soul back. ⠀⠀ ⠀ A man, a real man. The strongest and safest man, who protects and acts as a human shield for you. Who supports you, encourages you and is proud of you. Who advises you, listens and solves everything. That makes you laugh until you cry and motivates you more every day. That teaches you what it really is to be in love. A man who puts his family first: intelligent, hardworking that I respect and admire above all and the man who gave me back my soul. #harryandhanna

A shared post by Hanna Jaff (@hannajaff) on Feb 21, 2020 at 7:47 pST

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So after meeting Jaff, considered her the perfect candidate after seeing her for the first time in a Museum, place where the first meeting was. Four months later in January of this year, the marriage request came from the son Lord Teynham to Hanna under the skies of the Swiss Alps and the snow as witnesses, where they both traveled.

According to some details revealed by the magazine Who, the wedding was planned for June same that would take place at the Palace of Westminster in London, later, on July 11, the wedding in Mexico would take place, the religious ceremony, which would also be held for three days, however, the great event added to the list of events canceled due to the crisis of the Covid-19.

Prior to pandemic, today would have been our wedding day . What hurts is knowing I would have been with my fiancé, family, and friends today who I miss very much. This minor inconvenience is nothing in comparison to those we’ve lost, suffered, and the struggles that many others are facing during this time. I am grateful to God for every day he blesses me with, and can’t wait to marry my husband-to-be in the end of the year. (The picture above is the moment we got engaged on January 2nd, 2020.) Before the unforeseen pandemic, today would have been our wedding . What hurts me is knowing that today I would have been with my fiancé, family and friends that I miss a lot. This small inconvenience is the least in comparison to what we have lost, suffered and the struggles that many others face during this time. I am grateful to God for each day that I am blessed and excited to marry my next husband at the end of the year. (The photograph is from when we got engaged on January 2, 2020.) # day123apart #tb # december2020 #engaged #covidbride

A shared post by Hanna Jaff (@hannajaff) on Jul 11, 2020 at 8:10 PDT

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So far, the couple is in their countries of origin waiting for the measures by the health crisis allow them to meet again.