Who is Francisca Lachapel’s ex-husband?

. Francisca Lachapel was married to Rocky Lachapel, a man of Dominican origin whom she met in New York.

Francisca Lachapel is one of the most important personalities in the Spanish-speaking entertainment industry. After starting her artistic career in the United States in 2015, the Dominican star faced her divorce from Rocky Lachapel, her first husband.

In an exclusive interview with the show “Sal y Pimienta” in 2016, Francisca Lachapel announced that she had decided to separate from Rocky Lachapel after two and a half years of marriage. At that time, the beauty queen pointed out that the decision was not related to a third person in contention.

According to information reviewed by Univision, Francisca and Rocky Lachapel’s divorce ended in December 2017, this after a year of publicly announcing their separation.

Shortly after their divorce, Francisca Lachapel had an intimate conversation with Karla Martínez and Jomari Goyso for the Univision show “Despierta América”. During the broadcast, Lachapel admitted that neither her artistic career nor her reign as Nuestra Belleza Latina was related to the cause of her divorce.

During the time they were together, Rocky Lachapel was one of the people who most supported the talented and charismatic Dominican during her time at Nuestra Belleza Latina, a beauty pageant that she won in 2015.

Here is everything you need to know about Rocky Lachapel:

Rocky Lachapel is an interior designer

Rocky Lachapel is the founder of Lachapel Company, a leading interior design company based in the Dominican Republic.

Through the Lachapel Company website, Rocky Lachapel offers wood remodeling and light construction services for the residential, corporate and tourism sectors in the various cities of the Dominican Republic.

Francisca Lachapel’s ex-husband resides in the Dominican Republic

After ending his marriage with Francisca Lachapel, Rocky Lachapel settled in La Romana, one of the most touristic cities in the Dominican Republic.

Before moving permanently to his home country, Lachapel lived in the United States and offered services as an interior designer in cities such as Miami and New York.

Rocky Lachapel is the father of a child

Today, Rocky Lachapel is the father of a three-year-old boy named Ashton Lachapel.

In his role as a father, Lachapel usually shares photographs through his official account on Instagram of the most momentous moments he lives with his little son.

In her love life, Francisca Lachapel’s ex-husband is very reserved and has not revealed the identity of his first-born mother.

Rocky Lachapel denied having benefited financially from Francisca Lachapel

In an interview with the magazine TV and Novelas USA, Rocky Lachapel denied rumors that claimed that he had kept $ 75,000 that belonged to Francisca Lachapel.

During the conversation with the American publication, the Dominican said that he did not touch a single penny of his ex-wife during the time they were together.

People en Español magazine reported that the couple’s love story began after they met thanks to Rocky’s mother, who introduced them after initially meeting Francisca while working as a pot seller in New York City.

Currently, Rocky Lachapel does not keep a single memory of his ex-wife on his social networks. For her part, Francisca decided to delete the Lachapel surname from her social networks after having married the Italian businessman Francesco Zampogna.

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