Who is Alexa Moreno? The Mexican who does not give up

The name of Alexa Moreno was known and became popular by the wrong motives.

It was 2016, in the Rio 2016 Olympics, Brazil, Alexa was then the target of bullying on social networks.

However, this first-rate athlete chose to transform with leadership the negative reviews, beyond their sports technique, and change them for followers.

Today, Alexa Moreno is one of the athletes who best carry the national Olympic representation in Tokyo 2020 and it is in the prelude to one of its most relevant tests.

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Who is Alexa Moreno?

At almost 27 years old, Alexa moreno has in front of whether one of the biggest tests, next August 1, in the final of the test of horse jump.

A potential Olympic medal for her and for Mexican sports will be in her hands a few days before her birthday, to be celebrated on August 8.

Alexa was born in Mexicali, Baja California, city in the north of the country where he began to practice gymnastics with only three years of age.

A famous name for the wrong reasons

Tokyo 2020 is the second Olympic Games in the sports history of Alexa Moreno.

Five years ago, at Rio 2016, the gymnast also dressed in the colors of the Mexican delegation to participate in its spatiality, the horse jump.

So, his name gained popularity for a reason that finds no justification and reaffirms stereotypes who attack women: criticism for their physique.

Dozens of people they questioned his physique without even having knowledge of the effort and discipline required for an athlete to reach an Olympic joust.

Tokyo 2020 has another challenge: the Covid-19 pandemic

Example of resilience and leadership

But what for many other athletes has been a reason for collapse, for Alexa Moreno it was a growth engine.

Five years after her passage through the Brazilian tracks, the young athlete is an example of how a story can be reconstructed from the resilience of the human being.

Her leadership pushed her to pass those tests and shine with a bronze medal in the Artistic Gymnastics World Cup 2018 and now to be part of a group of gymnasts not seen in the history of this discipline for Mexico.

An athlete with a lot of history

Alexa Moreno is the second Mexican woman to advance to an Olympic final in artistic gymnastics. The first was Denisse Lopez in Sydney 2000.

The gymnast, who also has a silver medal in horse jumping won in the Artistic Gymnastics World Cup Held in Anadia, Portugal in 2016, it reached the finals with a score of 14,663.

The athlete made her debut as a high-performance athlete a few years after the Sydney 2000 Olympics.

He obtained his first gold medal in 2010 during the Pacific Rim Championship and three seventh places in the World Cups Tokyo, Naning Y Glasgow, held in 2011, 2014 and 2015, respectively.


In addition to being an Olympic gymnast, Alexa study architecture at the UVM in Mexicali.

To achieve his sports goals, he has also overcome various problems during his sports career.

A knee injury, a broken cheekbone, and other injuries from falls while practicing, injuries that have put her out of the game. Panamerican Games.

Despite the difficulties of preparing for competitions, Alexa has proven to be a warrior and get up to jump again and pursue her goal, hang a olympic medal.

Other recognitions

Thanks to the fact that her mother enrolled her in a gymnastics course at the age of 3, Alexa learned about the sport that became her passion, changed her life and made her deserving of the National Sports Award granted by the government of Mexico in 2019.

The gymnast won the opportunity to participate in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics at the Stuttgart World Cup 2019. Since then he has prepared for the olympic competition, which was postponed for a year due to the pandemic.

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