Who enjoys an event more, the one who comments on it live on their social networks or who ‘lives in the moment’?

They are different times and there are different generations. Each person enjoys in a different way, but the study highlights one group above the other.

We are at the end of 2020. The third decade of the new millennium has just begun and times have undoubtedly changed. Technology was integrated in such a way that it stopped being a luxury and became a necessity. Consequently, there are things that have changed a lot and that are not the same as two or three decades ago. For example go to a concert, soccer game or any kind of event in general.

With an almost professional camera on each smartphone, people who attend any of the aforementioned events take out their cell phone and record the moments they consider epic. However, there are those who are « old-fashioned », forget their mobile and everything it represents. They just enjoy the moment they are going through, « like before. »

But there is the constant question:Who enjoys it more? The new generations do not give much importance to this situation. They just take out their phone, tweet, photograph and log everything that happens on social media. While there are others who say that they enjoy much more by completely forgetting the use of technology.

The enjoyment of the event

The study shows that those who register in a photographic or video way on Instagram and constantly make comments on Twitter, enjoy the event more. The reason the study exposes is that people skip press reviews. Then they emit the true sensations of what you feel at that moment.

Later, when looking at his own social networks, he remembers what he experienced through his own comments. And that gives it a positive vibe that is not experienced by those who never took out their cell phone. The authorship of this study belongs to Rutgers University in New Jersey, the Daily Mail reported. The researchers focused on events such as the Super Bowl halftime to draw conclusions.