Being happy is priceless, and Anuell has achieved happiness after experiencing his own turning point after being in prison.

The singer’s success is increasing as he enjoys life with his fiancée Karol G.

Now the singer is living the best moment of his professional career to date thanks to his new album entitled « Emmanuel » and, on a personal level, too, making life with the diva Karol G and both planning their dream wedding.

But all this does not leave aside the occurrences of the exponent of urban music who recently dyed his hair green and, he assures, that he looks like « Broly », a character from the anime series « Dragon Ball ».

The new image was shown by the exponent of trap through his account on Instagram, however not all his fans think that the resemblance of his hair is that of the anime character, there are those who believe that his style is more similar to the one worn by the singer Billie Eilish, who for a long time took it with as the singer has it today.

Be that as it may, this singer has no limits and whether or not he resembles « Broly », he will continue to give something to talk about, experimenting with his image and staggering social networks with his occurrences and experiences that reach millions of « Likes » or reproductions in minutes.