WHO defends keeping schools open and creates lockdowns avoidable

“We must ensure education for our children”, said this Thursday the director for Europe of the WHO, Hans Kluge

The World Health Organization (who) defended this Thursday the need to maintain open the schools during the pandemic of coronavirus and consider that they can avoid the confinements if the protection measures.

We must ensure education for our children “, said the director for Europe of the WHO, Hans kluge, highlighting that children and adolescents are not the main drivers of contagion and that the closure of schools is not effective.

Have kept most schools open in Europe For almost a hundred days in a row, it is a source of satisfaction, he said, since the closure can also affect the mental health of young people and have social consequences.

Kluge also pointed out that lockdowns are “a measure of last resort” and that they cause many side effects, such as damage to mental health or increased gender violence, and that if the use of masks exceeds 95 percent among women people, they would not be necessary.

Although use mask It is not a “panacea” and should be complemented with other measures, when there is a use of less than 60 percent, “it is difficult to avoid confinements,” he said in a digital appearance in Copenhagen, headquarters of the WHO regional office.

The defense of schools and the use of masks to avoid confinement were two of the central messages of Kluge, who described the news that appeared in recent days on the progress in several trials as “great hope in the fight against the virus” of vaccines against COVID-19.

However, WHO stressed the importance of all countries having equal access to future vaccines.

The vaccine is very important, but it is not a miracle formula either, “said Kluge, alluding to the need to supplement it with other protective measures.

One death from COVID-19 every 17 seconds in Europe

Europe has already registered more than 15.7 million cases, 28 percent worldwide and more than 4 million in November alone, while deaths close to 355 thousand, 26 percent globally.

More than 80 percent of the countries have reported a high incidence of new cases (more than 100 per 100,000 inhabitants) in the last 14 days, and in a third more than 700 per 100,000 inhabitants have been registered.

“In the last two weeks, deaths from COVID-19 have increased 18 percent. Last week, Europe registered more than 29 thousand new deaths, that means one person every 17 seconds, ”Kluge reported.

The second wave of coronavirus has also caused “growing indications” related to overwhelmed health systems in France and Switzerland, among others.

Kluge noted however that the number of new cases in Europe fell from two million two weeks ago to 1.8 million in the last seven days, a fall that is explained by the responsible behavior of citizens.

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