The WHO recognized Mexico’s decision to maintain many of the sanitary measures until the situation of COVID-19 improves.

The World Health Organization (WHO) congratulated the Government of mexico for the measures it has applied against the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as its decision to keep many of them in force until the country’s epidemiological situation improves, the Secretary of Foreign Relations (SRE).

“The WHO wishes to congratulate the Government of Mexico for the firm social and public health measures it has adopted to date, including the imposition of strict restrictions on movement and the temporary stoppage of the activity of important companies to limit the spread of COVID-19, ”the organization said in a letter that responds to a note verbale from last May 8.

The WHO also noted that the plan for financial assistance launched by the Government of Mexico “demonstrates its long-term vision of the way to go and its willingness to prioritize the interests of its citizens in the current situation.”

He also welcomed the decision to keep many of the measures in place until the epidemiological situation in the country improves. “In the hope that it will be useful for the Mexican health authorities, the WHO since drawing attention to the guidelines it has recently published regarding the adjustment of health and social measures.”

In the letter, released by the SRE on its Twitter account, the WHO was pleased to refer to the Mexican authorities the recently published guidelines on the infection surveillance strategies human by SARS-CoV-2.

In addition, he said, WHO has published detailed recommendations on strategies for laboratory tests, based on four different transmission situations: without cases, with sporadic cases, with groups of cases and with transmission in the community.

“The current situation is unprecedented and the world must be flexible and strategically direct its public health measures, including surveillance. These guidelines, which are aimed at regulatory bodies and laboratories, cover situations in which tests can only be carried out on a limited number of patients and explain how they can be prioritized, ”he concluded.

With information from Notimex