There is no doubt that Atalanta-Valencia in the Champions League should not have taken place in Milan. UEFA stubborn, the game was played and the consequences are already coming. In the club they blame that encounter on the massive contagion by coronavirus that the entity suffers, and they are more than well-founded suspicions, as experts confirm that this Champions League duel was a very important focus of spread of Covid-19. This has been admitted even by the World Health Organization in the mouth of Walter Ricciardi, WHO representative in Italy and advisor to the Italian Government.

“I think the game on February 19 played an important role. A third of Bergamo’s population concentrated in a stadium and had a party. It is not by chance that it is the most affected area and it is not by chance if the Valencians who went from Italy to Spain acted as transmitters in their country ”, he explained in an interview for the Rai News 24 channel in which he does not hesitate to affirm that the Atalanta-Valencia Champions League was a “Accelerator of virus propagation”.

Give the mayor of Bergamo reason

Walter Ricciardi agrees with mayor of Bergamo, that hours before he spoke of the party as a “biological bomb”. The data is there. 40,000 spectators in the stands, including Valencianists who returned to Spanish lands with the virus. It should be remembered that Bergamo is one of the cities hardest hit by the coronavirus, and that meeting can be a major source of contagion among the Italians themselves and also with the Spanish, as some 3,000 followers of Valencia gathered in San Siro to witness the match.

How did this happen? February 19. 40,000 citizens of Bergamo in San Siro for the Atalanta – Valencia by bus, car, train … a biological pump, unfortunately », explained a few days ago Fabiano Di Marco, head of the pulmonology services of the Italian hospital Papa Giovanni XXIII.