Who can enter? Are there fines?

The confusion arising from the latest Supreme Court decision increases. We tell you what the situation in Madrid Central is, who can enter and if there are fines.

Alberto de la Torre Reyes

May 14, 2021 (08:00 CET)

All about Central Madrid, who can enter, fines

The launch of Central Madrid during the last months of the Government in the Madrid City Council of Manuela Carmena, the non-processing of fines for a few days with the arrival of Jose Luis Martínez-Almeida to the consistory, the threat from European institutions harsh sanctions and activation, again, of the low emission zone Y the latest decision of the Supreme Court give an idea of ​​the doubts and confusion that people from Madrid have experienced since March 16, 2019, when the cameras issued the first fines.

As we tell you on May 11, the Supreme Court annulled Madrid Central, by rejecting the appeal filed by Ecologistas en Acción against the decision of the Supreme Court of Justice of Madrid, which went in the same direction, after noting that during its launch, important formal defects were carried out in its processing.

This decision leaves in the air, according to European Motorist Associates, 1.3 million penalties worth 117 million euros. A hole in the coffers of the Madrid council that remains to be seen if it will be confirmed with a firm decision of the Supreme Court.

In the absence of this last resolution, the Madrid City Council Government has chosen to keep Madrid Central in force and leave the matter of fines for later. Thus, from the government area of ​​Environment and Mobility they point out that the restrictions in Central Madrid continue in force until the sentence is final. However, the mayor himself in a press conference has left the payment of these infractions up in the air. “The cameras of Central Madrid continue to work and record the entries, but that does not necessarily mean that it will be sanctioned,” Martínez-Almeida pointed out..

Central Madrid, who can circulate and possible fines

With this last statement, José Luis Martínez-Almeida makes it clear that the City Council itself is awaiting the final decision of the Supreme Court and that its legal services are working on possible decisions, as confirmed by the mayor himself.

The fines imposed for driving through this low-emission zone are 90 euros and all of them could be without effect if the Supreme Court’s decision is retroactive, although it will have to be the driver himself who carries out said appeal. Until then there are two months in which Madrid City Council hopes to move forward Madrid 360, one of the star plans of the campaign during the last elections and that, as you can read in this link, will maintain a large part of the restrictions already in force.

Currently, as we leave you in this guide on Madrid Central, vehicles that can move freely depend on their environmental sticker:

Zero emissions: They can move freely through this low-emission zone and park without taking into account the limitations of the Regulated Parking Service (SER zone).

ECHO: They can move freely but their parking is limited to two hours from the SER zone.

C and B: You can enter Central Madrid but your destination must be a parking lot. They will only be able to access it and exit by the shortest path. You are not allowed to go through this space.

No sticker: They cannot enter Madrid Central in any case.

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