Who are the variants of Loki that come out in chapter 4?


The fourth episode of Loki It has been the first chapter of the series that has included a post-credits scene. A typical resource in Marvel Studios productions that this time has been used to give fans a shocking revelation that will undoubtedly have a great impact on the future of the series.

During his first episode Loki already presented, through a holographic projection, some strange alternative versions of the God of Deception and from the second chapter on to Sylvie, its feminine variant interpreted by Sophia Di Martino. The fourth chapter has gone even further in its short but cool bonus sequence.

During the end of the episode, and after unmasking the lie of the AVT and the Guardians of Time, Loki is disintegrated by Ravonna Renslayer. However, in the post-credits scene, Tom Hiddleston’s character wakes up teleported in what looks like an alternate version of New York destroyed and in which four alternate versions of himself appear. Some had previously been seen in the comics, while others appear to have been created for the series.

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One of the most recognizable is the Loki from the classic Thor comics, who in the series is played by the actor who specializes in bringing villains to life, Richard E. Grant.

This version of the character, who made his cartoon debut in 1964, is older, more ruthless and closer to the classic notion of cartoon villain than the Hiddleston version has accustomed viewers to. He wears a green suit with yellow shorts, boots and cape, identical to the original drawing.


Not much can be said about this version, as it initially appears to be an original addition to the series. By its appearance, it seems to be a warrior who carries a hammer and that a priori could be interpreted an alternate version of Thor’s Mjolnir. In the credits of the German dubbing, he appears credited as ‘Prahlerischer Loki’ which in its Spanish translation means “The Loki Fanfarrón”.

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This variant played by Jack Veal, who also gave life to the child version of the protagonist of The End of the F *** ing World, is the child version of the God of Deception.

His presence would be based on the story arc of Thor # 617, in which Loki dies to come back to life later as a child. It should be noted that this character in the staples became part of the Young Avengers along with other characters already seen in the MCU such as Tommy and Billy, the children of Scarlet Witch and Vision, or with others who are yet to come such as Miss Marvel or Kate Bishop and Iron Heart.


Yes, the crocodile with a crown that appears in the hands of the boy Loki is also a version of the character played by Tom Hiddleston.

Although there is no record that the villain was a crocodile in the comics, in Norse mythology the God of Deception has been transformed into different animals like a snake, a fly, or even a mare.

Viewers will be able to enjoy all these Lokis together and in full action with the fifth episode of the series, available from July 7 on Disney +.

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