Who are the highest paid sports stars in 2021?

The salaries of athletes have always been the object of admiration and that is why, year after year, the prestigious ‘Forbes Magazine’ makes a list of the names with the highest paid athletes in the world.

10. Kevin Durant (basketball) $ 75 million. He is the number three player in the NBA who receives the most money.

9. Tom brady (American football) $ 76 million. He is not only the most titled player in the NFL, but also one of the shrewdest businessmen.

8. Lewis hamilton (Formula 1) $ 82 million. He is the only representative of motorsport to be listed in the prestigious Forbes publication.

7. Roger Federer (tennis) $ 90 million. The tennis player is the one who has dropped the most.

6. Neymar (soccer) $ 95 million. The Brazilian has also lost two places on the famous list.

5. Lebron James (basketball) $ 96.5 million. The basketball star is the league’s highest-earning player for the seventh year in a row.

Four. Dak prescott (American football) $ 107.5 million. Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott is listed as the fourth highest paid athlete in the world.

3. Cristiano Ronaldo (soccer) $ 120 million. Portugal and Juventus striker Ronaldo earned 120 million to rank third among the 10 highest paid athletes.

two. Leo Messi (soccer) $ 130 million. The Argentine footballer has become the second highest paid athlete.

1. Conor mcgregor (MMA) $ 180 million. Despite his inactivity, he remains one of the highest paid fighters in the world.

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