Who are the Americans who live free of the internet

A study revealed the number of Americans who do not use the network.

Photo: Antonio Lacerda / EFE

Although many indicators indicate that the e-commerce use and the social media it increased during the pandemic year, there are people who simply live without internet.

A study of Pew Research Center noted that 7% of Americans don’t connect to the digital world at all.

The number has been dramatically reduced. In 200 it was 48% and in 2015 it was 15%.

Pew found that old age, poverty and rural life are decisive for many people deciding to live an offline life.

From the 65 years increases the number of people who live free of the internet, since they are the 25% of the total. In comparison, only 4% of those who reject the network are 50 to 64 years old.

The same trend is replicated among people with secondary or lower education, since they represent the majority. Only 3% with university studies live without internet.

The level of income is also a determining factor in connectivity, since 14% of those indicated earn less than $ 30,000 a year.

Race, gender or community does not imply any incidence in the study, found Pew.

Just a 5% Hispanic adults They are part of the group of those who do not need to check their Facebook, WhatsApp or email, never in their lives.

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