ORION TOWNSHIP, Michigan, USA (AP) – Authorities in Michigan investigate a confrontation in which a white woman arguing with and a black woman and others pulled out a gun and demanded that others on the scene stay away from your vehicle.

A video of the Wednesday night incident that was broadcast on social media shows the white woman in a parking lot pointing the gun while backing up and getting into a car.

Oakland County Police Sgt. Dale Brown confirmed that the incident outside a Chipotle restaurant is under investigation and told the Detroit Free Press that the prosecution will decide whether to press charges. He said there was no shooting and no one was injured.

The Detroit News initially reported on the three-minute video, which shows part of the incident. Takelia Hill, who is black, told the newspaper that it all happened when the white woman collided with Hill’s teenage daughter as they entered the restaurant.

The video starts after that, in the parking lot. The white woman can be heard arguing with Hill and her daughter. The white woman climbs into the vehicle, rolls down the window, and says, « Whites are not racist » and « You matter to me, » before the vehicle she was in starts to back up.

A bank man who had accompanied the woman to the vehicle looks at the camera and says: « Who do you think you are? », Using an expletive.

So while a person is standing behind the vehicle, the white woman gets out of the car and points the gun in the direction of the person who videotaped the incident. She yells at people to get away from her and her vehicle. Another woman yells “she’s pointing a gun at me” and calls someone in the parking lot to notify the police.

The white woman then lowers the gun, climbs into the vehicle on the passenger side, and leaves.